Alleged thief trade secrets Waymo refuses testimony in case against Uber

Alleged thief trade secrets Waymo refuses testimony in case against Uber

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Anthony Levandowski, the old employee of Waymo who is being accused of thousands of files about the self-propelled car of the company to have stolen, refuses to testify in the lawsuit that is brought against his new employer, Uber.

That report different American media, including Bloomberg, on the basis of a transcript of a private meeting between Levandowski’s lawyer and a federal judge.

Levandowski would invoke the Fifth Amendment, the right that no one is against themselves having to testify. His lawyer, Miles Ehrlich, said that there is the possibility that his client prosecuted and will be if he is a witness and must concentrate on the location and content of the data he stole would have.

Levandowksi is not the defendant in the lawsuit, but plays probably a key role. According to Waymo has Levandowksi a day before the company left more than 14,000 files downloaded from the servers of Waymo’s parent company Google.

Ubers self-propelled car

The ex-employee founded, then a private startup for self-propelled cars, Otto. His company was a few months after the foundation acquired by Uber, that shortly after his own project for autonomous driving unveiled. Waymo claims that the taxi service is never as fast a own self-propelled car on the road might have had without the information in the stolen files, and therefore wants the judge to Ubers project prohibits.

Uber sets, in turn, that it can prove that no use is made of the data that Levandowski captured would have. The lawyer of Uber, Arturo Gonzalez, said that the company Levandowski preferably, however, would see the witnesses because “he has a good story to tell”, but that Uber cannot force.

‘Direct evidence’

The judge, William Alsup, threatened before a preliminary injunction to impose on Uber as Levandowski would not testify. Alsup said in an earlier hearing that he is “not a lot of affairs where there is quite direct evidence that someone is 14,000 documents downloaded, and a day later, left”.

On may 3, following a new hearing in which the request of Waymo to Ubers self-propelled car ban is treated. Uber comes on 7 april with a public comment on the allegations.

Attorneys for Uber and requested the judge to the matter by arbitration to expire, so that public hearings can be handled. That request was however rejected.

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