Alleged partners thwart advertentieplannen Adblock Plus

Alleged partners thwart advertentieplannen Adblock Plus

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The plans of Adblock Plus to a private ad network to be thwarted by the parties, and where Adblock Plus is properly said to work together.

Eyeo, the maker of the browser extension Adblock Plus ad blocking, made Tuesday, is known as a marketplace for “acceptable” ads to start.

This would be the technology of AppNexus and Google be used for space to trade. AppNexus says now, however, not to have been aware of the plans of Adblock Plus, and no longer want to cooperate.

Adblock Plus worked together with the company ComboTag, but meanwhile, AppNexus, the ties with that company completely severed. In a statement to Business Insider says a spokesperson of AppNexus that ComboTag “no permission” for the plans with Adblock Plus.


The business model of Eyeo longer controversial; the company allows some, ‘acceptable’, advertisements and earn a percentage of the sales. Critics see that as ‘extortion’ of advertisers.

AppNexus joins Wednesday on the criticism. “Eyeo creates with his Adblock-product toll booths on a public road and roomt advertentiedollars that direct to the publishers should be going,” said a spokesman. “We have a low opinion of that practice.”

Google says not to be aware of the partnership that Eyeo and ComboTag were talking about. The company says not here to be involved in.

A spokesperson for Adblock Plus continues to maintain that a advertentiemarktplaats is established through the technology of Google and AppNexus. It is unclear when the marketplace should start.

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