Alleged FBI informant connected with Russia ‘smear’ claims of immunity granted to agents of the government

nearvideo scholar complains Stefan Halper reports about Michael Flynn ties

Attorneys Emily Compagno and David Bruno weigh in on the validity of the defamation case.

Professor in Cambridge, and a reported FBI informant, Stefan Halper, who is being sued, the grease born to a Russian-academic supposed to bring her and the former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn as part of a government conspiracy, the trump administration, recently stated in a court filing that he is entitled to legal immunity normally granted to Federal agents – even if the lawsuit allegations are true.

Halper does not explicitly admit that he was a FBI informant in question, Alexandria, Va. A Federal judge throw out the case, and its submission followed by legal provisions, according to which the defendants assume that the plaintiff’s allegations of fact are true in the initial phase of the litigation.

“Private persons, the FBI investigations are subject to the Federal-common-law qualified immunity applicable to agents of the government,” as well as constitutional protection, Halper-released made motion to claim it.

The qualified immunity privilege, puts the Federal agents of legal disputes, unless your breach of the law was so extreme that it is an established statutory or constitutional duty, a reasonable person would have been aware of it broke.


To dismiss, nevertheless, Halper movement, increases the prospect that the academic, Svetlana Lokhova, would you not, if the court accepts Halper claim. In your fiery, complaint, Lokhova the 2016 presidential elections, claims that “Stefan Halper is a ratf—er, and a spy involved, an innocent woman in a conspiracy to undo, and the overthrow of the President of the United States of America” by leaking false information to reporters.

Michael Flynn is shown in the case of 2014, a dinner at the University of Cambridge. (Courtesy of Svetlana Lokhova)

According to Lokhova, Halper worked, spread false stories that she had services to have an affair with Flynn on the orders of the Russian intelligence.

Lokhova complaint, said that Halper had “confederates”, the spread of “propaganda” in the media, including The New York Times, and ” national security reporter Adam Goldman. Goldman co-bylined a number of stories that Used conveniently for the FBI, including an 18 may 2018, with the title “FBI Informant in order to Investigate relations with Russia-the campaign, wasn’t to spy, as trump claims.”

But Halper answer Lokhova allegations dismissed as inaccurate and unreliable, and a mere publicity stunt attempted by the court in a “political blog.” Supposedly due to legal procedures require that the courts “may, and sometimes credit needs to rotation of a complaint’s allegations” as true “, to be released exclusively for the purpose of” the assessment movement, Halper, the filing outlined a series of head-to-immunity defenses.


Halper pointed out to the submission to the fact that he allegedly paid “in amounts of more than $500,000” for his counter-espionage efforts.

“Provided that these shots exactly [to dismiss for movement] the purpose and messages of Mr. Halper in the performance of its alleged agreement with the FBI is subject to absolute federal common law privilege, the Federal contractor,” the document says.

And Halper is not “entitled to Federal immunity under the supremacy clause of the Constitution,” Halper the movement, because the state’s defamation law to replace or interfere with the conduct of a FBI investigation.

Halper, the filing also alleged that Lokhova had not damage to reputation suffered because of Halper to work with the FBI is that there is no material evidence Halper, the source of the media article, which is unfavorable for you and that the limitation period rendered some of the claims untimely has.

Svetlana Lokhova

Conservative commentators, however, speculated that Halper’s lawyers worked to conceal an explosive paper trail.


“Stefan Halper, the lawyers claim he will not be sued for defamation, because the government’s agents and contractors, under the sovereign immunity, have carte blanch authority to reporters about the people whose Reputation they want to destroy,” said Sean Davis, the co-founder of The Federalist.

“I can’t wait to see the FBI/CIA/DoD-contract to disseminate the necessary Stefan Halper blatant lies about the Obama administration’s political opponents, in exchange for the taxpayers’ money,” he added.

Lokhova said in her complaint that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller “her never questioned”, and “never pre-load a single record from your” during his extensive investigation in the Russian election disorders. Lokhova also, she “lives in constant fear” has claimed, and “thought to finish to suicide the suffering, caused by the enormous weight and stress of being collateral damage in the Halper international conspiracy and scandal.”

Only Fox News talk in April, Lokhova made it clear that regardless of the outcome of the litigation, should have probed the matter thoroughly.

“I think there is a high probability that it was coordinated, and I think, it needs to be properly investigated,” Lokhova said.

Lokhova was forced into the political fire storm in the beginning of 2017 as Flynn, from the Trump administration for lying about his contact with the former Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. At the time, said Lokhova, she was contacted by three American media over a four-day period was – and is promptly hit with claims in the press and in social media that she is a Russian operative in Moscow.

Sir Richard Dearlove (left), Christopher Andrew (in the middle), then-DIA Director Michael Flynn (right), at the University of Cambridge, Feb. 28, 2014. (Svetlana Lokhova)

The allegations involved dinner, your contact with Flynn in the year 2014, held at the University of Cambridge in England. At the time, Flynn, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

“I’m not a Russian spy, and I’ve never worked for the Russian government,” the 38-year-old historian and academic, said in an interview first broadcast on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson tonight.” “I think that General Flynn was attacked, and I was used to do it.”


Lokhova told the British academic group, behind the Cambridge dinner, including Halper. The professor, did not return E-Mails from Fox News seeking comment was widely reported, in the year 2018, a confidential source in the FBI’s original probe into the Russian interference in the election of 2016. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Halper also the trump campaign volunteers, including Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Sam Clovis reached.

Halper is also in the middle of a whistleblower lawsuit last summer, claiming that the government contractor abuse, and excessive payments by the taxpayers.

Lokhova said the 2014 Cambridge event was attended by about a dozen people. According to an event flyer, the dinner was organized by Halper and others, including Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the British secret service MI6.

“General Flynn was the guest of honor and he sat on one side of the table in the middle,” she said. “I was sitting on the opposite side of the table, Flynn in addition to Richard Dearlove, as I was the only woman at dinner, and it is a British custom that the only woman sitting next to the host.”

If you are asked, whether I was ever alone with Flynn, Lokhova told Fox News, “never been alone with General Flynn, before, during, or after the dinner.”

Documents reveal the FBI, with the Steele dossier for FISA renewals, in spite of the evidence of the “extreme bias’

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett says that these documents indicate that the FBI knew that Christopher was Steele’s ‘wrong’ from the beginning.

Documents post by Fox News appear to secure Lokhova, the chronology of the events — and questions about any of the subsequent unwanted contact to Lokhova on Halper’s name.

In the following months of 2014 dinner, Lokhova said there was no sign of concern about their origin. You tried Fox News with a may 2015 E-Mail with an indication of the U.S. government, a similar event with the Cambridge group, including Lokhova, to host a new senior intelligence agency head.

To talk then, in December 2015, Flynn traveled to Moscow, as a private man and was paid $45,000, Russia Today event, where he shared a table with President Vladimir Putin. Allegations later emerged that Lokhova-who said you discussed by E-Mail with Flynn a couple of times after the Cambridge-dinner-travel to Moscow to act as a translator. It flatly denies the allegations, said: “There was absolutely no discussion go to Moscow with General Flynn.”

Soon after, Halper’s new in the image. At the beginning of 2016, as Flynn was the role of the advice of the trump campaign, Lokhova said she received an invitation out of the blue to a private dinner party with Halper. Lokhova told the E-Mail with Fox News.

“It was very, very unusual, because Stefan Halper and I, although they are part of the same group, and meet in a public forum, we had no personal contact. [Halper] for me was a disgusting academics, absolutely all the Russians hated it,” she said.


Then at the beginning of 2017, as Flynn was released, Lokhova said the allegations surfaced about the suspect contact with Flynn three years ago. The former national security adviser, has known to make themselves guilty of making false statements to the FBI and waiting for his condemnation.

Lokhova said she spent a lot of time in the last two years, “connecting the dots”, and now speaks out for personal and professional reasons.

“I’m an academic and I’m a writer, and my career depends on my reputation. On a personal level, I am a mother of a small child and I don’t want to think that my child, when you grow up, your mother is a w—e and a traitor.”

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