All the girls in power: embraces Hollywood feminism?

With only women in the leading role seem like hollywood productions Ocean’s Eight, and Ghostbusters III as a good example.

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Anne Hathaway and Rihanna join the cast of Ocean’s Eight, reports Deadline, and that seems to be Ocean’s Eleven-spinoff a nice line-up. Earlier it became known that, among others, Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, and Mindy Kaling a role in the wait could drag on for the reboot of the well-known dievenfilm. Also, Variety writes that the leading role in the new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery for a woman to play.

Remakes with women in the lead role in place of the original male characters: it seems to become a new rule in Hollywood. Since Wednesday, 10/8 walk after all, Ghostbusters III, the sequel to the well-known films are the 1984 and 1989, when our showing in cinemas, with an all-female cast. That news was in the publication, however, are not particularly well received by the public at large. Statements such as ‘feminist crap’ and ‘keep out of our childhood heroes’ were among the most polite of statements that are circulating on the internet.

Old is out

Nevertheless, it seems feminism still gradually Hollywood to convince you that it must be different. And that that time was evident from several calls of actresses, directors, mediafiguren and studies the world in recent years were submitted. As it was shown that women have significantly less text than their male opponents. Even in disney films where princesses play the key roles, had the woman’s fingers lay against the male characters, as demonstrated in a study from april to the role of women in movies. The Little Mermaid saw, for example, 70% of the dialogues to her male colleagues.

The older an actress is, the less text they will also be given. From the study, which is 2000 movies treated, found that women between 22 and 31 years 38% of the female dialogues was 32 – to 41-year-olds were 31%, while the generation of between 42 and 65 years with 20% was set. Men on the other hand get more text as they get older: 39% for the oldest generations, followed by 32% for the slightly younger (32-41) and 20% for the youngest generation (22-31).

Little geestverruimend

Or is Hollywood really ready for the wife a position of equality, will in the future have to be demonstrated. With movies like Ocean’s Eight, and Ghostbusters seems to be the Mecca of the blockbusters in any case well on the way. And even though we have equal opportunities to cheer, we hope actresses not just any scenario will take.

For Knack Focus-filmman Dave Mestdach described the new Ghostbusters as ‘little geestverruimend, to take in the paranormal jargon, and a prefabkomedie which comédiennes Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig and Kate McKinnon through Manhattan on ghosts hunting, meanwhile, is startled to be by lame sitcom and see us have balls! – sexist and/or racist jokes.’


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