“All of the crew members in the fire that followed California’s boat were sleeping,’

All six crew members on the ship last week in the state of California is in fire, asleep, at the breaking out of the fire. It turns out that that Friday pending further investigation of the National Transportation Safety Board, the U.s. agency that investigates accidents.

The vessel, The Conception caught on Monday morning, just off Santa Cruz Island on fire. There were 34 people below deck to sleep. None of them had survived the fire on the ship.

The five members of the crew, including the captain, who is in the fire, however, survived, stayed in a room on the upper deck of the bus. One of them was awakened by the sound of the approaching flames, he, his colleagues, and sent out an alarm to the coast guard.

After that, I tried five of the 33 passengers and co-workers, but the efforts proved to be in vain.

The vessel would not have sprinkler systems and have in the past but that was in the ship, according to maritime law, also do not have to, according to the U.s. coast guard. The coast guard reported that the vessel meets all of the requirements of the day.

Further research has now shown that of the six, at the time of the fire present crew members were asleep. However, this is not allowed. According to CBS News, on a boat, as well as The Design will always be a member of the crew to be awake to keep watch.


The coast guard is sharing pictures of a fatal scheepsbrand, California


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