All of Holland is Baking-she would like to bakcursussen want to give up

Anouk Glaudemans, that Sunday night was named the winner of the seventh edition of the Whole of Holland is Doing it, would very much like to do more baking. The 43-year-old from Brabant talks on Monday in a meeting with already have a lot of great deals that they had received, including a recurring role on the program Time (MAX.)

“Of course, I’m very busy with my bakboek (that is, the winner of the Whole Holland Bakes should be noted ed.). and I’m also going to Omroep MAX, things to do,” says Glaudemans. “I’ve been asked to be in the kitchen, in the program, Time MAX, and I’m very curious to see what else is on my face. The mailbox the flow is already full of good things.”

The Whole of Holland is Doing-she is teaching in the day to day life at the Avans University of applied sciences and would like to make the process of teaching and its – still – a hobby, want to combine, for example, by providing a bakcursus. “We’ll see what it brings up. If it is not done, it is also a good idea. But I just want to be sure all of the opportunities that arise, and figure out which possibilities are out there.”

Also have a role to play in the kinderversie of the program, which has recently been announced, see Glaudemans would be. “Of course! I am a mother and I am a teacher, I have been in youth work. I think it’s great to have people working on it.”

Photo: Roland J Reinders./MAX.

‘It would start feeling pain as if top of one another to fell’

Glaudemans think that she has been elected as the winner, because they have a broad base of techniques. “Out of my bakvaardigheid, I’m too structured, I can deal with the stress, and I have to act fast. If anything goes wrong, I’ll go in and hang out, but in turn, I will.”

Even though she is happy with her profit, and wanted to Glaudemans no matter what it takes to be the best of all the candidates. “I wanted to do the missions to win because I think it’s good to do it, but not at the expense of the other. I was very happy when my baking is beautiful it turned out, but it could also be abdominal pain, get to the top of one another on the ground more often.”

It is in touch with her other candidates, it is also very, very good, says Glaudemans. “We have a lot of contacts in the app, we’ll make a call, and tonight, we’ll see each other again. A number of the friendships will remain, and a number of contact information, but that which we see, we will always be connected to each other through this experience.”

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