All contamination: how well do they work in reality?

Now, with the death rate as a result of the corona virus are rising, run mondkapjesfabrieken are working overtime to meet the demand. Everyone has a mask on a smart prevention measure, or do these screens come with a feeling of a false sense of security?

The Chinese shops are full of them: the black-caps, with the images of bloody fangs, and quotes from the popular series, and pink, and babyblauwe, masks with whiskers, and with an outstretched tongue, or berengezichtje: the protective mask is, for a foreigner, especially an Asian. But why, then, should now, in the world of a new deadly virus on the loose, don’t allemáál as a mask to wear?

The corononavirus moved from person-to-person through small droplets that have a cough or a sneeze releases, or through physical contact. With a mask you like, that droplets that fly when a person sneezes, ” says Coretta van Leer, a physician-microbiologist at the University of Groningen and specialized in viruses.

“You can’t do the whole day through a cap and breathe in the air, walking quickly along the side of the mask, loses his job.”
Coretta van Leer, microbiologist

Effective against dust particles

“In the papers, or fabrics, all of which are now in China, have been sold out, the cap is not to protect against infection. In any case, it is not enough. We see them a lot in South east Asia, as there is in many big cities the air is polluted, and such a mask would be robust in substance and in a large particle charges. But it all will keep a long time is not everything; the air, running easily along the side of the mask, loses his job.”

There are many different types of beschermingsmaskers, two of which are to be used in the health care industry: the operatiemaskers of thin cloth or paper, and the FFP-masks, Full-Face Protection masks) for a class 1, 2, or 3. The masks, which are viruses, to be able to keep the FFP-masks, which are close to the skin, and ultra-fine particulate filter. It can be used in, for example, welding, asbestos removal, construction work, and in hospitals.

This FFP-masks, as you can not all day wearing said Leather. “You are breathing in strength and after a couple of hours to completely break down.” The doctors and nurses that wear this type of mask, however, as they are for patients who have this virus, according to the Leather. “This is important, because they are very close to the patient, and some patients at the time of the full in the faces of the doctor and the doctor or nurse will be able to cough or sneeze. Then, as a mask, not even for the whole day to carry it out.”

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Totally does not make sense to wear a cloth or paper cover, ” explains the biologist from the. It takes a short amount of time, drops charges, and to whom such a thing on his face, wears, behaves more aware: of your fingers, not your nose, then rubs it in your eyes, and not merely going through the motions with a finger to your lips.

A good set-up to work properly, FFP mask, non

With a surgical mask to help protect you, the other to your fog, ” says Herman Codee, a specialist in the beschermingsmaskers at 3M. They leak out in all directions, and are intended to provide the patient and to protect it from spray during the course of conversation, and to see a doctor, to protect it from splashes that come from the patient. There are even caps with a carbon filter, which can be there to protect the user from toxic fumes.

“To find yourself, really, is to protect against infections and viruses, you must be an FFP mask. This can be also for hospitals use in the cleaning of surgical material, to be a-OK or, for example, a legionnaire’s disease outbreak.”

“The most important thing is that it is being set up in line with the face of the neusbeugel pressed, the band is at the top of your head and into the nape of the neck. People with a beard, they could not bear it. If the mask is not properly set up, it has to bear it is not good at all.”

“The mask should fit the face of the neusbeugel pressed, the band is at the top of your head and into the nape of the neck.”
Herman Codee, a specialist in the maskerfabrikant 3M

Those who have a FFP mask and wears it, it is still not 100-percent protected from it: drop it, you can back a person up by their hands. Codee: “as we have seen recently, when the workers have died during the ebola outbreak. The clothes were the same disease.”

Good hand hygiene, sneeze into your elbow instead of in the open air, a few meters away, preservation and, especially, to stay at home when you have bad cold you are, the more effective preventive measures. Research has shown that the majority of pathogens is via the hands, to be distributed, ” says the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM). By regular washing of hands with soap and water, you reduce the chance that you or someone else in the area sick.

On Faith: “a fully-loaded train, or subway are always the virus is active but you don’t get every day a new virus. However, it is the fear of some unknown virus in to understand. It is even more alarming. However, there has been no recent outbreak in the Netherlands, so we have to watch out for paranoia.”

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