Ali B will be ‘something really big and do good things’

Ali B will be ‘something really big and do good things’

Ali B wants his fame and influence to use to mean something to the world. “The intention to make something really big and good to do, that is now deep in me. And that power I trust blindly.”

In conversation with Nieuwe Revu says the 35-year-old rapper when he was younger, all believed in a better world. “Only, I try now with a solution to get in place of me only to wonder why there are problems. I still feel that I have a role and a duty to have in society, that has never changed.”

Ali Bouali, such as the rapper and comedian are actually called, has the feeling of a role and a duty to have in the society. “Ali B At Full speed to me means much more than a fun tv program. It takes prejudices away. My shows, my music, everything, for me, has a social message. Even my role as a coach on The Voice. That runs for me to have social respect.”

The rapper believes that he has recovered for his talent. “Recognition, money, a stage. But I think I can do more than just fun songs, and programs. (…) When I was 21, I asked myself: why is it dark? Now I wonder: where can I get light?”.

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