Algorithm detected arrhythmias with human precision

Algorithm detected arrhythmias with human precision

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A new algorithm recognizes fourteen types of arrhythmias and works in tests to be more accurate than trained cardiologists.

That has a team of researchers from the Standford university published.

The algorithm searches the computer to different heartbeats of patients. The algorithm does so with a precision that is often more accurate than those of professional cardiologists, write the researchers.

The algorithm was trained with data from the company iRhythm. The test results of the algorithm to verify, were six cardiologists, in turn, to the same measurements looked. The results showed that the computer is also very subtle changes could detect the heartbeats.

Researchers say the algorithm comes in handy at times when patients are not the doctor. On an ecg, abnormalities are not always easy to see, and then can be decided that a patient for a few weeks a portable harstlagmeter should wear. Data is then manually checked by the doctor, which takes a lot of work. These measurements would be with the computer faster and just as accurately could be analyzed, the team from Stanford.

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