Alcohol consumption is women becoming more equal to that of men

Alcohol consumption is women becoming more equal to that of men

Worldwide drink on average, women are more and more alcohol. The consumption is almost the same as that of men.

Researchers from the university of New South Wales in Australia analyzed data from 4 million people from 68 different international studies. The data of the different studies were collected between 1948 and 2014.

The researchers divided the data into three groups: low to medium alcohol consumption, excessive use of alcohol and social and health issues in relation to alcohol consumption.

Men who were born between 1891 and 1910 drank twice as much low to medium as women. Men and women born between 1991 and 2000 did on average the same amount.

Within the same period, the difference between the two gender in the area of excessive alcohol consumption of three to 1.2 times as much. The gender gap with regard to social and health problems in relation to alcohol consumption was less (3.6 to 1.3 times as much.


The decrease in the difference took the strongest from 1966. According to researcher Tim Slade, there is not one specific reason why more women are going to drink.

“It is possible that drinking alcohol is more socially accepted since women are going to work, a higher level of education and financially independent,” said Slade.

The researchers emphasize that the statistics dating back to the beginning of the study may not be completely representative. It was in that period not always socially accepted that women drank alcohol. Therefore, there is a chance that not all of the women to be totally honest.

Slade believes that it is important that there is more attention for the possible consequences of drinking alcohol. “We can no longer think that drinking alcohol and health problems related to alcohol only have an effect on men.” The researchers advocate for more education about alcohol for young women.

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