Alberto Stegeman is itself not a ‘womanizer’

Alberto Stegeman is itself not a ‘womanizer’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Alberto Stegeman would itself not a ‘womanizer’. The presenter gets off not just on women as he likes. “I’m in there, I think, a little bit shy.”

Since 2011, the 45-year-old presenter together with his girlfriend Judith, with whom he co-parents of daughter Lara and son Joash. At the time, he was surprised that they fell on him.

“With Judith, I thought: such a beautiful woman, what will she do with me? Generally I fall on the women who love and integrity. You know that, of course, not immediately, but you should have a good feel for her. And if they are blonde, that will help,” says Stegeman.

Although the presenter in his relationships as an adult is never guilty of adultery, was that in his puberty. “If you have a friend had, swapped it a week later for the next. That circulated a bit, so after a few years, everything and everyone had.”

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