Alberto Stegeman is an appeal against a fine for nepbom

Alberto Stegeman is an appeal against the fine of € 2,000, which he was on Monday imposed by the court in Gelderland. That will let the programmer know The presenter is set in 2018, the program is Going to in the Netherlands as a case, in a dining room of any military barracks in the city of Oldebroek. The case was assigned to nepbom, and, therefore, there was a case launched against the software maker.

Rather, it was a community service of 120 hours, including 40 hours of number is required at Stegeman. “Because, Stegeman worked for a journalistic mind, and in the name of his trade or profession, the court, any community service, but to pay a fine,” said the court.

The presenter is late namely, in the appeal to proceed. “I find that I have no punishment to earn it, and that I will discharge it should be getting,” said Stegeman.

“We’ve determined that both of the security at the gate and on the field leaves something to be desired. There are millions of dollars in spend, as well as journalists need to be able to check out. And that’s what we want to be in the box at all.”

Stegeman was in 2014, when he was on a program with a KLM royal Dutch airlines personeelspas forged, was sentenced to a suspended financial penalty. The court is backed up by a fine, therefore, is an appropriate punishment for them.

The program’s creator, who by the way is not in court, but appealed to the journalist exception, but the court is going to do with it. “Stegeman did not have specific information for you to be able to talk about it is a violation of the policy could be set,” according to the court of law.

Also have been carried out, the court found that Stegeman’s intention was not to have others falsely to believe that the bomb could explode. The presenter is achieved by the trunk and leave it unattended.

‘Stegeman crossed the criminal line’

The suitcase, which contained money, a direct dial telephone, 32 screws, and clay in a small container (that is, the nepbom to imagine), pictures with face, to that of the prime minister Ank Bijleveld (ministry of Defense), and a card with his phone number. The goal is to ensure the security of the camp to the test, and he wanted to see where he will be the case was able to bring in. He and the driver, who him accompanied it, were dressed up.

The Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) came in the end to be only, that is, it was concluded that there is no bomb in the suitcase had.

To the left is a nepbom mark Stegeman, according to justice of the criminal cross-border. The Public Prosecutor’s office (OM), proposed by the strafeis that “it is especially true of bombs from the outside is not recognizable as such”.

According to the presenter, it would be a real nepbom there are very, very different”. “It’s a Bassie & Adriaan-arts project”, said Stegeman, during the session in which the strafeis known at this time. He stated that he had not gone too far this time, and that the action “must be within the bounds of decency lies.

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