Albert Verlinde never want to work together with Sophie Hilbrand

Albert Verlinde would never want to work together with Sophie Hilbrand, because they him ever for a TV program without his knowledge afluisterde.

“Sophie was at the time already with Waldemar’ together and Waldemar worked at my theater company. They wanted an interview on the radio. I did actually nothing else, but for her, I wanted to do. If that ends in sewn, I think it’s the worst thing there is”, let Verlinde in the 30-Minute Raw-podcast of Ruud de Wild know.

Hilbrand reached in 2009 during the conscious radio interview on the fictitious prize, The Golden Ear, and Verlinde, which he took home. Verlinde didn’t know that eavesdropping equipment in the price was hidden.

In total, there are more than two and a half hours of audio material, of which a judge decided that it should not be broadcast. BNN received after a lawsuit and a lawsuit a total fine of eur 3.250 euro.

Hilbrand and her then colleague, Filemon Wesselink for their action, sentenced for and have a criminal record, gotten, claims Verlinde in the podcast. “It hit me at that moment deep in my soul. If you like those bands terugluistert and you can hear my parents talking, that is so weird.”

Wesselink denies that he has criminal record

Filemon Wesselink, let all do so know that he and Hilbrand no criminal record for the action. “Then we had then also no travel programs.”

“We had never the intention of the material to transmit”, says Wesselink. “We wanted a biscuit of own dough give, because Promenade images from that parking garage (the alleged first kiss from Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe Cabau, ed.) and pictures of a zoenende Georgina Verbaan were shown.”

According to Wesselink, it was certainly intended that BNN summary proceedings would lose. “This had to be clear that there are limits in your attempt to get news to beat.”

Verlinde says in the podcast of The Wild that he is a goedmaakgesprek has had with Hilbrand.

“That is aired on, but it remains a scar. If someone says: ‘You go well a program with Sophie doing’, than I would kind to thank. But I’m also not retaliate.”

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