Albert Heijn calls own brand croquettes back

Albert Heijn calls own brand croquettes back

Supermarket Albert Heijn is calling all the croquettes of the own brand back. Products with a use-by date between June 19 and August 26, 2017 should be reduced.

The seven different products can burst open when cooking or serving, according to the supermarket can lead to hazardous situations. Consumers are urged to the products, not to prepare or eat.

The AH Basic beef croquettes, the AH beef croquettes voordeelverpakking, the AH rundvleeskroketten, the AH draadjesvleeskroketten, the AH kalfskroketten, the AH kipsatékroketten and the AH goulashkroketten can be returned to a store.

Upon return of the product, the purchase price will be refunded. All other variations sausages may be safely prepared and consumed.

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