Alaska Murkowski, recalls an unexpected chat with Trump

President Donald Trump speaks during a White House conference on health care, as U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, listens to, 27. June, 2017.


U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is a Republican, has not always see eye-to-eye with President Donald Trump.

But in a recent interview with a newspaper editorial, Murkowski said she and Trump had a conversation a surprising first phone, if Trump was President, and she took the opportunity to try to establish a connection.

Murkowski, the Anchorage Daily News said, that they decide to Trump ‘ s office, provide a proposal for the trombone for the Minister of the interior. (The job ultimately went to Ryan Zinke of Montana.)

Last week I had the privilege to sit with @Lisa Murkowski along with the rest of @adndotcom-ed board and talk with her about all sorts of things – #MeToo, @realDonaldTrump, the tweets, and many of the problems that Alaska faces. Here is a small taste of the conversation.

— Tom Hewitt (@tomhewittnews) of 8. June 2018

“It’s a Saturday morning, and I call this number, and this man answers. I’m like, ‘Hello, this is Lisa Murkowski, I would like to leave a message for Mr. Trump,'” Murkowski told the newspaper.

“So, he says,” How are you?’ And then he goes on to say, ‘you know, I love Alaska, I’m just fascinated by Alaska.’ And I said, ‘And who am I talking about?’ And he said, ‘Well, that’s Donald Trump!'”

Murkowski said she immediately saw a Chance to come clean with this guy,” they had supported for President.

“And I said, ‘But here’s the deal, is to win; I won. You want good things for the country; I want to do good for the state. I think we can work together to do just that.’ And he said, “Absolutely,” Murkowski recalled.

“You win; I won. You want good things for the country; I want to do good for the state.”

– U.S. sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, Recalling a telephone conversation with President-elect, Donald Trump

“And that’s kind of how we have the problems we have worked,” she said.

But the Trump-Murkowski relationship has since then several tests.


Report: Alaska threatened by Trump about Murkowski’s voice

In July 2017, for example, Murkowski and U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine are the only Republicans were ObamaCare against a motion on a point of order at the beginning of a debate on a Rollback.

Trump expressed his disappointment in a tweet.

“Senator @Lisa Murkowski of the Great state of Alaska, really the Republicans, and our country let down yesterday. Shame!”, the President tweeted.

Senator @Lisa Murkowski of the Great state of Alaska, really the Republicans, and our country down yesterday. Too bad!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017

Then, in December 2017, Trump Murkowski and other Republicans are invited to discuss a lunch, an outstanding tax debt, but Alaska was a no-show, Anchorage, KTUU-TV reported.

You in the end, supported the bill, for which they opened produced a supply of energy, the drilling of the Arctic oil.

Then just this week, Murkowski, E&E News said that they are fighting behind Trump the “national security” justification for the propping up of the nation form, coal, and nuclear power plants.

White House consideration of #coal and #nuclear power subsidies for the national security @Lisa Murkowski break

“That’s not the direction I would have moved first in the direction of’@geofkoss @GeorgeCahlink reportshttps://t. co/NQR8T3F4iD

E&E News (@EENewsUpdates) 6. June 2018

“Competition is a pretty good place to get us, with our markets, and to be quite honest,” she told the outlet. “And now we are, in fact, that a few, certain industries from the inside. I’m just not convinced that that is the right way.”

Nevertheless, the data-side in may, showed Murkowski, in agreement with the trump items and more than 83 percent of the time.

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