Alan Clark: “Threshold to music, to family, to let it be heard, it is now down

Alain Clark is experiencing nowadays, it is a primary barrier to the new music, his girlfriend and their son to make their voices heard. In a conversation with he tells us that he has in the past chose in order to provide feedback for as long as possible, but now it is less than the right to hear what he’s doing.

Clark explains that he has his new album on a Sunday Afternoon at home on the couch writing, while the album in a studio in Los Angeles, came into being. This will change the balance between your work life and your private life, but it also makes sure that his family is now his first sounding board to share new music.

“I’ve been working from home as a pleasant experience, because I of my process, and share it with my family. In the past it was almost sacred to me-the songs don’t immediately share it, since I have feedback and wanted to postpone it”, he commented. “Now, if I’m in for two hours of song writing, I may have the right to be heard. The threshold is much lower,” says Clark.

However, he has to sometimes take care of not only writing the things. “The line between work life and personal life is now a blur, because I’d rather do than make music. It feels like I don’t like to work on,” explains the lead singer of.

“I can make the time very easy to lose it as I am with music and am working on it, but I’ve had a lot of help from the people around me. My son is a very important factor, because I have a lot of time with him and want to bring it,” said Clark.

The singer recently sang, along with his nine-year-old son of hit Father, and Friend. He led the tour in 2008, along with his father.

60Alain Clark sings a hit song He and a Friend, with a nine-year-old son

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