Alain Clark hopes new album to break through in America

Alain Clark hopes new album to break through in America

Alain Clark hopes his new album to break through in the United States. The singer worked the last 2.5 years, mostly in Los Angeles on the successor of Walk With Me from 2014.

“I got there half of the time spent, really pure and only to this album to work,” said Clark Monday in the ochtendshow of Lex Gaarthuis on Radio 10. “It is now finished and I am so happy.”

Clark drew in 2015 with the American label Concord Music, a dream come true. “I’m in 2000 for the first time went to America with the dream of a record company to find who is with me wants to work. Fifteen years later, that dream has come true.”

The next album of the singer, that later this year, will be released worldwide. “Therefore I am now really fully gone and I am completely surrendered.”

In the United States worked for Clark together with a number of well known producers, among whom Josh Gudwin. He was previously involved in Justin Biebers succesalbum Purpose.


Although the 37-year-old Clark in the last years a lot in Los Angeles, he also worked in Amsterdam at the plate that he US wants to conquer. “I am every month at least a week here with my son (6, red.) to be”, told the Father & Friend-singer. “So I have very much flown.”

Clark hopes the next time “not too many in one place”. He wants a lot to travel with, to his album and music in various countries under the spotlight. “I can’t explain how happy I am that the plate is. And how relieved that it is done.”

Song contest

The singer let request, know for sure to be available for participation at the song Contest in 2018. “I am always available for the Contest, all the emphasis is for me now on my new album. However, if they me like, they have my number,” said Clark.

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