Alabama legislators is trying to censorship, a Democrat, for comments on abortion, Trump Jr

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Alabama legislature abruptly Wednesday adjourned called after a member of the reproach of the other comments that included calling Donald Trump Jr “retarded or crazy” during a debate earlier this month on the state’s controversial prohibition of abortion.

Republicans-Rep. Arnold Mooney scolded Rep. John Rogers, a Democrat, while you reported read a letter to his rebuke, .

“Representative Rogers’ comments have brought national disgrace and mockery of the house and his comments do not represent the Alabama house of representatives, its employees or its membership,” Mooney read from his letter.


Alabama state Rep John Rogers, a Democrat, made waves over his comments on abortion and Donald Trump Jr
(Fox News)

Republican House Speaker Mac McCutcheon interrupted, the reading, the telling of the Mooney-it was a “no call” and tell his colleagues the letter may submit it instead. The house then closed.

Rogers drew national attention and criticism after a series of remarks he made while in the USA, the state law criminalizing abortion in almost all circumstances.

“So, you kill them now or kill them later,” says Rogers. “Bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, send you to the electric chair. So, you will have to kill you now or kill you later.”

According to the president’s eldest son, Rogers criticized’ remarks, the lawmakers said, WVTM, that Trump was Jr “the proof that mothers should have the right to have an abortion, because he seems to have remained, or crazy.”


The law prohibits all abortions except when the mother’s life is in danger, even in cases of rape or incest-is the country’s most stringent abortion bill. Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed the measure into law this month.


Demonstrators for the rights of women to hold a rally on the Alabama Capitol to protest steps, passed a law last week, the abortion is a crime in almost all cases, without exception for cases of rape or incest, Sunday, may 19, 2019, in Montgomery, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Alabama is part of a wave of Republican-led States are pushing for tougher restrictions on abortion in an attempt to challenge Roe v. Wade, the Supreme court decision that legalized abortion landmark in 1973.

Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi, and Georgia have all adopted similar abortion bans, as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected.

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