Al-Shabaab executes four men for ‘spying’ in Somalia

Al-Shabaab executes four men for ‘spying’ in Somalia

Photo: AFP

The al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organisation al-Shabaab has in Somalia, four men were publicly beheaded because they are spies of the government.

The men were sentenced to death by a judge of al-Shabaab in the region and Jamame in Somalia. According to a spokesperson for the militants “have the men known spies”. The alleged spying would be in command of the Western-supported government.

Somalia has been problems with the terrorist organisation, al-Shabaab controls different areas of the country. There are by the organisation, more torture, and executions carried out.

Al-Shabaab fighting in Somalia for years against the West and neighbouring countries-backed government and against the force of the African Union. The purpose of the group is the government to overthrow and strict islamic law in the country.

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