Ajax has booked more than 50 million euros in profit, double the revenue for the 2018/2019

Ajax in the year 2018/2019 of a profit from 51.9 million euros, and was with the Amsterdam club, Friday, the well-known. In addition, the national champions, the turnover has doubled to almost 200 million euro.

The net Ajax is mainly due to the income from the Champions League last season. The team of coach Erik ten Hag took a last season, surprisingly, in the semi-finals of the European miljoenenbal.

The revenue from the Champions League and have also made a large contribution to the increase in sales volume. That has increased from 93 million to 199,5 million, of which a revenue was made.

The equity of Ajax has increased to 210 million euros. The operating result – the operating result before deduction of the vergoedingssommen of transfers and taxes, with more than 34 million euros.

Ajax has earned nearly 73 million on transfers

The transfers of the players earned, Ajax, nearly 73 million, respectively. The Amsterdam club will be sold in 2018/2019, among others, Frenkie de Jong (75 million), Justin Kluivert (17 million), Maximilian Wöber (10.5 million) and Daley Sinkgraven (eur 5 million). The transfer of This to The time (75 million) is not taken into account.

In spite of the net increase in the total cost of the Ajax’s solid, from 60 to 165 million euros. This is mainly due to the increase in wage costs. The club paid for over 92 million in wages and salaries to the entire staff, an increase of more than 39 million euros.

The spelerssalarissen the names of almost 14 million euros. Thanks for the great season in the Champions League, the players, for a list of more than 20 million more in insurance premiums than in the low season to do this. When finished, the team in the last qualifying round of the Europa League, and there was not a single award was won.

Also sold in Ajax, last season, a lot more t-shirts and other merchandise to fans. The income from merchandising has increased by approximately 7 million euro.

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