Ajax defends half a small head start in the bekerduel with a Short

The first of the two semi-finalists in the KNVB cup, will be Wednesday night well-known. AZ plays at home against STOKE city (18.30), cup holder Ajax amsterdam is going to look at Short – (20.45). Follow the matches, in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on the My name is Patrick, and Mother, and I will keep you up to date on the developments of the matches in the quarter-finals of the TOTO for THE Cup. A lot of fun!!!

  • LIVE:
  • Vitesse-Ajax (0-1)
  • Results:
  • AZ-NAC 1-3

Vitesse-Ajax was 路 an 8-minute geleden48 A ” free kopkans to gave doekhi some firm kicks in, but the defender can do anything with it. He brushes the ball and it shows his efforts from behind the goal line to disappear.Vitesse-Ajax in 10 minutes geledenZonder the changes will be Short, But make a note. The Locals are guided by a goal from Babel 01.

46. Keep it going boys! 馃敟

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen21:49 pm – February 12, 2020Vitesse-Role 路 27 hours agoand The rest in History. Ajax has very little to fear from Sprint and it is a goal of Ryan Babel will be earned on a 0 to 1-gap.Vitesse-Ajax was 路 a 29-minute geleden45′ Short in numbers up situation, but Dicko has chosen for his own success. A bad choice, as he has met with in the legs, Tagliafico.Short, But 路 33 minutes ago,Short after the opening goal from Ajax, what are stronger than ever, but there’s a big chance that we haven’t seen before for the first.Vitesse and Ajax 路 a 34-minute geleden39′ Publish seems to be like that, he doesn’t let himself be pushed around. The referee has heard all of the collateral and to give Ajax coach Erik ten Hag of a yellow card. Rather, the Stream is already on, the receipt is thrown.Vitesse and Ajax 路 39 minutes geleden36′ A hard shot from the Right, caught just in the hands of Onana. Ajax is still easy to erect.Vitesse and Ajax 路 43 minutes ago –32′ GOAL, and Ajax. From 0 to 1

A counter, picks up Ajax’s lead. Traor茅 is still very much intact, and then sends the Stream to the center line of road. The Stream is, in turn, Traor茅, who is in the list and retain the original Babylon, with a view brings with it. For the former, it is a no-brainer to close the score to open it up.Short, But one hour geleden30′ a Dangerous time for the Speed target. Babylon, from the left, hard-on-Traor茅, who is a close against the Pasveer to do. It is good for the home team.Short, But one hour geleden25′ Short-can’t get out of it and leave the initiative to the visitors, there wasn’t a lot to me to know how to do it. We have had in a long time have no chance to been seen in Arnhem, the netherlands.Short, But one hour ago,with A concern for Ensuring that midfielder Riechedly Bazoer. The former following his departure to chelsea’s trainer Edward’s Control over and it starts today on the bench.Short, But one hour geleden16 After a fast opening phase is going to be the pace is now down in Arnhem, the netherlands. Ajax calls, Speed back again, but manages to do it not in order to played out opportunities.Short, But one hour geleden7 And too Short to let themselves be seen. Tannane is trying it from very far away and it takes Onana nearly run into problems.Short, But one hour geleden6′ is A shot of the valley, it is easy to get caught out by Pasveer. It was a lively opening in Arnhem, the netherlands.Short, But one hour geleden1 And the tegenstoot, it is the Speed that is dangerous it is. Matavz, it creates almost a free schietkans for themselves, but in Tagliafico and grabs strong. What a start to this contest!!!Short, But one hour geleden1 After 22 seconds, Ajax and has almost lead! From the river to head back to Traor茅, who is close to the hands of the Pasveer encounter.Short, But one hour geledenNa the spectacle in Alkmaar, will move to Arnhem, where the players are in the field to enter in the Stadium and bus station. Vitesse-Ajax was on the point of beginning.A-Z-NIG 路 a one-hour geledenHet Brabant, the party will be some time in the AFAS Stadium.


AvatarAuteurFotograaf 馃摳 F7Breda.nlMoment of plaatsen20:29 – February 12, 2020AZ-NAC-four hours ago,“You want it for any price to fight, and we all know how nice it is to have a cup final to play in,” says just joe Koopmeiners at FOX Sports. “It’s very disappointing that you’re so turned off.”A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geledenEerder was the NAC, this cup is already too strong for FC Emmen and PSV eindhoven. Tonight should be a-Z it believe in it.

Payout percentages NAC Breda this season
At champions League clubs, with 100 per cent
At Premier league clubs: 100%
At KKD clubs: 44%

AvatarAuteurMichel AbbinkMoment of plaatsen20:25 – February 12, 2020AZ-NAC 路 2 hours ago –STOKE city stunt in holland, and keeps the Z from the semi-final matches cup
STOKE have surprised Z in the quarter-finals of the TOTO for THE Cup. The team of coach Peter Hyballa will win in Alkmaar 1-3, the number two in the Premier league. By the successes of Mounir El Allouchi-and-Robin Rowlands will lead the people from the netherlands, after an hour with the 0 to 2. A-Z by means of Oussama Idrissi something back in return, but then it is not the answer by Javi Noblejas once again for STOKE.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden90 ” There will be five minutes from Alkmaar, but AZ seems to be from the hotel down to.A-Z-NIG 路 2 hours ago –86′ GOAL in a STOKE! 1-3

Out in Alkmaar! A Noblejas, is left all alone in front, but again stand out of and shoot the 1-3 in. AZ seems to be to reach the quarter-finals of the KNVB cup.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden80, ” The post saves the day STOKE city! Olij notched a great party, but verkijkt is a vicious little ball of Sugawara. The visitors ‘ lead with 1-2.A-Z-NIG 路 2 hours agoCalvin Stengs play, to put it mildly, not the best game of his career. The attacker was suffering from so much loss of ball, and it is not even a single time, is dangerous, has been the centre of the goal.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden78′ the Spectacular rescue of Svensson! Bizot attacks don’t miss so Verschueren hit the ball into an empty goal, similar to the see-saw. With a half of a flat-out prevents Svensson is on the line as the visitors continue to your accommodation.A-Z-NIG 路 2 hours ago there are72′ a-Z insists STOKE and after the match by Idrissi, back in their own half. The visitors won’t be more of a football matter.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden68, ” The repetition is to show that, still doing it when the shot is in an offside was. Have been hit, it would, therefore, be rejected.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden67 The’ shot in the dark of the night comes in the name of Myron still doing it. The normally sure-handed shortstop, shoot from a distance of three to an empty target next door.A-Z-NIG 路 2 hours ago –the 65′ GOAL in AZ! 1-2

What a goal by Oussama Idrissi! The attacker was in hot pursuit of the ball from 35 yards into the goal of the Olij. NAC has in this contest is far from won.A-Z-NIG 路 2 hours ago there isa 60′ GOAL in a STOKE! 0 to 2

Robin Rowlands! The right back gets to the front, from the side, ramming the ball into the far corner. To be the number one in the League is looking at a 0-2 deficit against the number in six out of the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden59 ” Not for the first time tonight and avoid Olij scored on the right. This may respond to the final item on the excellent hard shot from Svensson.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden50 That it’s just off to the right. Wuytens gets the ball in one back completely wrong. Bizot is very sharp and can hit the ball just into the corner.A-Z-NIG 路 a 2-hour geleden46, ” The ball will roll back into the SEA at the Stadium. The first is for the job and a 0-1-deficit to make up.Vitesse-Ajax amsterdam 路 2 hours to geledenHakim Ziyech returns to Ajax and to return to the bench for the game with Vitesse. The Morocco international seems fit enough to get minutes tonight. Erik ten Hag gives Lassina Traor茅, a place in the attack, and Edson 脕lvarez to appear at the kick-off.

饾樈饾樇饾樉饾檰. 饾樈饾樇饾樉饾檰. 饾樈饾樇饾樉饾檰.
鉂わ笍 Daley & Hakim

AvatarAuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen19:31 am – February 12, 2020AZ-NIG 路 a 3-hour geledenDe the fans of STOKE have, in any event, it is good to feel at home in the Netherlands.

馃彑馃挍 Code yellow) in Alkmaar!
#NACpraat #azNAC

AvatarAuteurNAC Breda 馃挍馃枻Time plaatsen19:27 – February 12, 2020AZ-NIG 路 a 3-minute walkto The peace in the Vicinity. STOKE is halfway to a goal by El Allouchi totally deserved a 0 to 1-gap on the right.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-minute walk, A worried look on E-trainer Arne Slot, but his team is struggling.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden41′ A hard shot from the Koopmeiners are to change direction, but the Olij is not a surprise.A-Z-NIG 路 3 hours ago –35′ GOAL in a STOKE! From 0 to 1

STOKE picks up a totally deserved lead in the AFAS Stadium. Rowlands from the right wing at the El Allouchi, which is a hard shot off in the direction of change, and knows how to score goals. A-Z the tank should be in order to turn the tide.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden29′ Which is a massive opportunity for STOKE to take the score to open it! Verschueren puts the perfect finish to Rowlands, who will receive the ball from a distance of ten, in addition to the purpose of the Bizot place.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden27′ Stokkers pull from the right side to the inside, get out and shot it for the purpose of the Bizot stop. NAC is not a reach to come to the bus to the park.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden19′ And addresses a-Z is almost in the lead. A hard commitment by Fredrik Midtsj酶 end up with the outside of the post.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden19′ Great chance for AZ to get a head start to come out. Ouwejan get a free schietkans. The hands of the Olij to save the visitors.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geledenHet she’s cold in the Netherlands.

馃ザ , Stay warm, and He.

AvatarAuteurAZMoment of plaatsen18:38 am – February 12, 2020AZ-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden9′ Nacho Monsalve will give in to it and almost enjoy still doing there for the most of. The lightning-fast striker, sprint to goal, but pushes the ball just next to them.A-Z-NIG 路 a 3-hour geleden1′ get The ball rolling by E-NIG. In the first semi-final in TILL THE Cup is on the way.A-Z-NIG 路 a 4-hour geledenOok just before the kick-off, the stadium is not filled to capacity. Hopefully, the audience out there, however, it’s a nice game to see.

Greetings from the SEA with the stadium! #AZnac

AvatarAuteurJJ d. Peperstraten 馃摎 馃嚮馃嚘Time plaatsen18:25 – February 12, 2020AZ-NIG 路 a 4-hour geledenHet box is full, but the fans of the home team to have the road down to the SEA with the Stadium tonight and have not been able to find it. Players from a-Z at the start of warm-up.

#aznac #coybir

AvatarAuteurAZMoment of plaatsen18:13 – February 12, 2020Back to top

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