Ajax and Manchester United: a rich history of European finals

On may 24, look at Ajax and Manchester United to each other in the eyes in the final of the Europa League. Manchester United won never the Europa League, Ajax took up all of one time, the trophy. But how did both teams in the European finals? An overview.

Cristiano Ronaldo during the Champions Leaguefinale of 2008 © REUTERS

European finals of Ajaxeuropean cup I 1968-1969

28 may 1969: Ajax-AC Milan 1-4 (Prati 3x, Sormani, Vasovi?)

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid (31.782 spectators)

Notable: Ajax was the first Dutch club that could be placed for the final of the european cup I, but that was too short against AC Milan. The great luminary for the Rossoneri was Pierino Prati. For the rest, he continued to Milan all on roses with two goals. Velibor Vasovi? milderde via a penalty kick, but after goals from Sormani and re-Prati picked up AC his third European title.

European Cup I, 1970-1971

June 2, 1971: Ajax-Panathinaikos 2-0 (Van Dijk, Haan)

Wembley Stadium, London (83.179 spectators)

Notable: For the third year in a row there was a Dutch club in the final of the european cup I. Coach Rinus Michels had his lessons from the lost in the final against AC Milan, and took the match with a completely different team. Only six Ajaxspelers who in 1969 were, stood on the kick-off. For Panathinaikos, with the former soccer star Ferenc Puskás as coach, was the final a scoop. It would also be the first and last time that a Greek club in the final of the european cup I/Champions League. After an early goal from Van Dijk and a late goal by Haan took the Players to Wembley for their first European title.

European Cup I, 1971-1972

31-may-1972: Ajax-Internazionale 2-0 (Cruyff 2x)

De Kuip, Rotterdam (61.354 spectators)

Notable: It was a weird image when a legion of Players the Kuip in Rotterdam, which was conquered for the final of the european cup I in 1972. Ajax was now grown to become the best club in the world and dominated the entire match against a defensive set Internazionale. Johan Cruyff was the great luminary with two goals and took over as sporting revenge for the lost final of 1969 against inters will stadgenoot AC Milan.

European Cup I, 1972-1973

May 30, 1973: Ajax-Juventus 1-0 (Rep)

Red Sterstadion, Belgrade (89.484 spectators)

Notable: Ajax was in 1973 for the third time in a row in the final of the european cup I. With Juventus was again an Italian opponent for the axe. After an early kopbaldoelpunt of Rep came to Amsterdam, not more problems. Because Ajax the trophy for the third time in a row won, if the the cup final track.

European cup II 1986-1987

13 may 1987: Ajax-Lokomotive Leipzig 1-0 (Van Basten)

Olympic Stadium, Athens (35.107 spectators)

Noteworthy: Fourteen years after their last European triumph if Ajax in 1987 and again took office in a European final. In the final of the european cup II, where clubs participated that the season make the national cup winners, the names of the Locals against the unknown East German Lokomotive Leipzig. Ajax had enough to score a goal by Marco van Basten, who at the time of the final all knew that Ajax would leave for AC Milan. It was the first time that a Dutch club in the final of europe cup II reached.

European cup II 1987-1988

11 may 1988: Ajax, KV Mechelen 0-1 (Den Boer)

Stade de la Meinau, Strasbourg (39.446 spectators)

Notable: Ajax, KV Mechelen was the first and so far the last time that a Belgian and Dutch club opposite each other, were in a European final. After an early red card of Danny Blind could be The Kakkersvroeg in the second half of their numerical superiority into a goal. The Dutch attacker Piet den Boer headed the ball to the first pole. KV Mechelen was able to maintained its lead and took 10 years after Anderlecht in the european cup and their first European title. Trainer Aad de Mos took as sporting revenge on ex-club Ajax, where he three years before, was expelled.

UEFA Cup 1991-1992

29 april and 13 may 1992: Ajax-Torino: 2-2 (Casagrande 2x, Jonk, Pettersson), 0-0

Stadio delle Alpi, Turin and the Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam (65.377 spectators and 42,000 spectators)

Notable: In 1992, the final of the UEFA Cup from a round – second leg. Therein took Ajax against Torino by Enzo Scifo. After a 2-2 draw in Turin had Ajax enough to make a brilscore in the Amsterdam Arena for a first UEFA Cup to his credit to add. For Ajaxtrainer Louis van Gaal was the first prize of his career, the beginning of a long series.

Champions League 1994-1995

24 may 1995: Ajax-AC Milan 1-0 (Kluivert)

Ernst happel stadion, Vienna (49.730 spectators)

Notable: Ajax-Milan was a repeat of the final of the european cup I final of 1969. For AC Milan, it was already the third final in a row and with a win equaled the record of Real Madrid by europa cup I six times to win. After the Ajax in the group stage two times already the measure had taken from Milan, they did that in the finals once again. Substitute player Patrick Kluivert punterde just for time in the 1-0 over Sebastiano Rossi. Ex-following his departure to chelsea, Marco van Basten was not part of the Milan-based selection. He would a few months later, a point behind his career.

Champions League 1995-1996

22 may 1996: Ajax-Juventus 1-1 (^A, Ravanelli), 2-4 after penalties

Stadio Olimpico, Rome (67.000 spectators)

Striking: The year after the triumph against AC Milan struck Ajax with Juventus again an Italian team in the final of the Champions League. The Old Lady got it after penalties after misses from Edgar Davids and Sonny Silooy. The nineties were the most successful period in the history of Juve. No coincidence turned out to be because the players of Juventus were when doperen, according to a study of the Italian scientists, Giuseppe d’onofrio and Allessandro Donati. Clubdokter Riccardo Agricola was later suspended and convicted for the administration of epo.

European finals of the Manchester United european cup I, 1967-1968

29 may 1968: Manchester United-Benfica 4-1 (Charlton 2, Best, Kidd, Graça)

Wembley Stadium, London (92.225 spectators)

Notable: Exactly ten years after the vliegtuigramp of Munich, where eight players of Manchester United were killed, played The Red Devils to their first European final ever. Captain and survivor of the tragedy, Bobby Charlton, brought his team the lead, but Graça was a quarter of an hour for affluiten equal. In the extensions, decided, Best, Kidd and Charlton the match. So was Manchester United the first English club ever to reach a European final and managed to win.

European cup II 1990-1991

15 may 1991: Manchester United-FC Barcelona 2-1 (Hughes 2x, Koeman)

Kuip, Rotterdam (43.500 spectators)

Notable: Manchester United reached in 1991 to the final without a time to lose in the preliminaries. After a doelpuntloze first half gave Mark Hughes with two goals, the fate of his ex-team. Ronald Koeman scored on free kick against the Catalan powerhouse, but that stopped Alex Fuguson not for its first European prize with United to address.

Champions League 1998-1999

26 may 1999: Manchester United-Bayern Munich 2-1 (Sheringham, Solskjær, Basler)

Camp Nou, Barcelona (90.045 spectators)

Notable: The final from 1999, it will go in the history books as one of the most memorable football matches ever. After an early goal from Basler seemed to be the Rekordmeister the cloth is easy to pull on. Eighty-five minutes long, and hit The Red Devils on the German wall to Teddy Sheringham a shot from Ryan Giggs in goal extended. Bayern was started and the United smoke of opportunity. Just for affluiten, extended re-Sheringham a corner kick to Ole Gunnar Solskjær, who the ball into the roof of the goal tapped. The victory of Manchester United fell in such a way to let out the air that even though preparations were made for the victory of Bayern. So hung up on the cup with the big ears ribbons in the colors of the German club.

Champions League 2007-2008

21 may 2008: Manchester United-Chelsea: 1-1 (Ronaldo, Lampard), 6-5 after penalties

Olympic Stadium Loeziniki, Moscow (67.310 spectators)

Notable: With Manchester United and Chelsea was in the final of 2008 an English tête-à-tête. United was the 23-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo in the base in his first European final. After a small half hour, opened the Portuguese the score, but Lampard made for the rest still the same. Neither team could score and penalty should be the decision make. Terry got the chance to Chelsea to the seventh heaven to kick it, but slipped. After Anelka missed for The Blues, grabbed United’s second Champions Leaguetitel. Spicy detail: Didier Drogba was deep in the extensions, a red card after a battle in the face of Nemanja Vidic. If Drogba is no red had been, then had he in the place of Terry, a penalty kick is taken.

Champions League 2008-2009

27 may 2009: FC Barcelona-Manchester United: 2-0 (Eto’o, Messi)

Stadio Olimpico, Rome (62.467 spectators)

Notable: The motivatievideo of Pep Guardiola with the highlights of the past season, in combination with images from the film Gladiator seemed to be quick to bear fruit. After 10 minutes brought Samuel Eto’o Barça the lead. Despite the aanvalsdrift of United, decided the 21-year-old Lionel Messi twenty minutes before time for the contest. Barcelona completed as his treble after winning La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

Champions League 2010-2011

28 may 2011: FC Barcelona-Manchester United: 3-1 (Pedro, Messi, Villa, Rooney)

Wembley Stadium, London (87.695 spectators)

Notable:The final of 2011 was a reprint of that of 2009. For Edwin van der Sar was his fifth Champions Leaguefinale and last official match under the bar, but again, had he and his team mates their several recognise in Barcelona. Eric Abidal, who that year from cancer of the liver, recovered, if the cup with the big ears in the air stitches.

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