AIVD director wants encryption im limit in the approach to terror

AIVD director wants encryption im limit in the approach to terror

AIVD director Rob Bertholee wants the encryption of services like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal limit. It is, according to him, essential for the protection of the rule of law to the communication of suspicious persons to decrypt.

Bertholee sets Saturday in an interview with the Volkskrant that terrorists primarily use of such chatapplicaties. A strong encryption ensures, according to him, however, that security is difficult in this communication. Bertholee says in the newspaper that the AIVD this encryption always undo must be able to create: “I want to be of those who constitute a threat to the communication view”.

The government is not going the encryption of data to restrict. Bertholee is positive about this position: “Then you as the government also accept that we are no longer in the communication of terrorists”.

He is of the opinion that privacy is not always top safety must go, because: “people Would be that privacy is the highest goal that are just as enthusiastic to pursue if they are a victim of an attack?”. It denies Bertholee faith that the AIVD has a large privacyschender. “We suck, not everything. We can’t and we can’t”.

Terror threat

The threat of terrorism in the Netherlands since Bertholee five years ago was the director of the AIVD never been so great as now. In addition, he points to the attacks “around us” in Brussels, Paris and Nice, and the number of uitreizigers that he since the end of 2012 continue to saw increase.

Bertholee is, however, the content is not in on this threat, because it is “the methods and the efforts of the AIVD useless”. He wants to say nothing about numbers of potential aanslagplegers in the Netherlands. Also, he can’t go into detail on the enhanced security measures around Schiphol airport last month.

However, he argues that the threat of “multiple” is. He makes a distinction in teruggekeerden from Syria who have been traumatized, teruggekeerden that blend into the community in order to save and people who allow themselves to be inspired through social media, but never in Syria or Iraq. The latter group is, according to Bertholee, the greatest threat: “that remains beyond our sight”.

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