Airline puts the passengers after the emergency exit door from the airplane during the landing

Dana Air is the fault of the passengers for one of the aircraft in an emergency exist doors to fall off during the landing. All passengers have refused to tamper with the door.


Passengers on board Dana Air flight travel between Lagos and the nigerian capital, Abuja, last Wednesday, in a terrifying surprise when one of the aircraft doors was falling off, as the plane has landed.

Igah Dagogo, a passenger flying on board the plane, told CNN that the door was not properly closed before the flight took off, adding that he was about a foot outside the door and could see that the handle popping during the flight.

Number of passengers placed in the accounts of the experience on social media, with the notification that the door had been “unstable” in flight, and came to hang as the airplane, the runway, taxied.

The airline responded to the incident, blaming a passenger for the action.

Flew Dana. Exit door was unstable during the flight. As we touched fell down. Scary things.

— Ola Brown(Orekunrin) (@NaijaFlyingDr) February 7, 2018

“We want to state categorically that this would never have happened without a conscious effort on the part of a passenger to open it,” airline representatives said in a statement. “By design, the emergency exit door of our aircraft are plug-type supported by the press, who usually cannot fall off, without mess or conscious effort to open by a crew member or passenger.”

Airline representatives said a team of engineers from the Nigerian civil Aviation Authority inspected the door and found it no problem or safety risks.

Dapo Sanwo, another passenger on the flight, told the BBC that members of the crew tried to explain that a passenger pulled the door hatch during the flight, with the demand that passengers stop to take videos or photos of the scene.

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Sanwo added that everyone on the flight refused to tamper with the door, and that the passengers heard a “poof-like explosion” when they came ashore.

While the passengers have tried to open exit doors mid-flight, actually achieve the feat is much more difficult than it may seem.

At cruising altitude, the interior of an aircraft has a higher pressure than the air around it outside, with about eight pounds of pressure pushing against every square inch of the aircraft interior. This means that the ability to open a door, a passenger would need to have the strength to push through thousands of pounds of pressure.

In addition, the doors are made to fit tight in the frame they are surrounded by, with this difference in air pressure help to seal them.

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