Aircraft departing from Gatwick, delays and cancellations

The air traffic to and from the Uk airport Gatwick is Friday morning again resumed. Passengers still need to take into account delays and cancellations.

That have the airport and several airlines let you know. The British airport was closed because of the presence of drones. More than 100,000 people have been duped.

Friday leave expected to be 700 flights from the airport.

Gatwick is the second largest airport of the United Kingdom and is located just south of London. Wednesday evening around 21.00 hours, two drones observed in the vicinity of the airport, after air traffic was shut down.

The last observations date back to Thursday night around 23: 00 (Dutch time). In total, there are at least fifty times drones seen, made the police famous.

The christmas season is one of the busiest periods of the year at the airport. The British government has the rules for night flights at other airports temporarily eased to limit the inconvenience.


Thousands of travelers stranded at Gatwick airport by drones

Drones are ‘deliberate attempt to traffic, to disrupt’

According to the British police to bedrijfsdrones’; one of the devices is described as a heavy, industrial model. That can from a great distance to be controlled, what the quest for the dronepiloten more difficult.

Minister Chris Grayling of Transportation said Thursday that it is clearly a deliberate attempt to the air traffic at Gatwick to disrupt. “Every time Gatwick try the runway to open, appear the drones again.”

More than twenty police units hunting down the directors of the drones. Also, units of the army are to Gatwick sent. On Thursday, it was decided that the unmanned planes don’t shoot down, for fear of stray bullets.

Number of near-collisions of airplanes and drones has increased considerably

It is in the United Kingdom, prohibited for drones to use within a kilometre of an airport. The maximum penalty for offenders is five years in prison.

With the rising popularity of the unmanned aircraft is also the number of near-collisions with planes have increased. In the United Kingdom tripled the number of incidents between 2015 and 2017. Last year there was 92 almost-collisions.

Droneregels in the Netherlands

  • Within 3 kilometres of an airport should drones not to fly
  • Drones are also not allowed in other no-flyzones
  • A drone can’t be higher than 120 metres in the air
  • All other aircraft should be given priority
  • Drones may not be in the dark fly

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