Airbus wants to prototype ‘flying car’ at the end of the year in the air

Airbus wants to prototype ‘flying car’ at the end of the year in the air

Photo: Airbus

Airbus is expected for the end of the year a test flight with a prototype of a ‘flying car’ with room for one passenger. The prototype is a vehicle with propellers that if a helicopter can take off.

Airbus focuses on flying means of transport for one or more persons, to people in crowded cities to carry. People would be able to make use of an app to vliegmobiel to call.

“A hundred years ago, the urban underground. Now we have the technological means to rise above, to go”, said Airbus CEO Tom Enders on Monday at a press conference in Munich.

Last year was Airbus the department of Urban Air Mobility for flying traffic. According to Enders are projects for urban transport are still in the experimenteerfase. The prototype that the company before the end of the year afhebben, is not autonomous.


Enders says that Airbus developments “very seriously” and emphasized that it is important that the new technology is clean, it should be to air pollution are not to worsen. The technique would in any case provide for savings in infrastructure, since there are no bridges or roads need to be constructed.

Airbus is the largest commercial helikopterfabrikant in the world and spend a lot of money in the development of autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Exactly how much is invested will Airbus do not say.

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