Airbnb offers free nights for people who the USA are not allowed to

Airbnb offers free nights for people who the USA are not allowed to

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Airbnb provides anyone by the re-entry ban that president Trump of the United States Friday, set up the country is not for free nights.

That offer did CEO Brian Chesky on Twitter. Trump decreed Friday with a presidentiëel decree that people from seven islamic countries for at least ninety days in the USA are not allowed and that the vluchtelingenprogramma for 120 days and shut down.

Airbnb was not the only one who spoke out against the presidential decree of Trump. Twitter said that “Twitter is built by the immigrants with diverse religious backgrounds. We will stand behind them, now and always.”

Apple ceo Tim Cook said in an internal mail also disapproving about Trumps decree. “Apple would not exist without immigration,” writes Cook, “let alone thrive and innovate as we have been doing. This is not a policy that we support.” Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, was the son of a Syrian immigrant.

Elon Musk
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, born in South African, had also made themselves heard on Twitter. “The overall re-entry ban for citizens of seven countries with a predominantly muslim population, is not the best way to the problems of this country to deal with it.”

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, announced the decree “un-American” and Google said in a statement its concerns about the impact of the decree on the ability of the company to foreign employees to the US to pick up. Google founder Sergey Brin was photographed at a protest against the decree on the airport of San Francisco.

The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was Friday already know major to worry about Trumps decree.

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