‘Air quality in the Netherlands is worse than in other EU countries’

‘Air quality in the Netherlands is worse than in other EU countries’

The Dutch air quality ranks poorly in comparison with other European countries. That suggests that the European Environment Agency (EEA) in its report Wednesday appeared about the air quality in Europe.

Only in Germany is the amount of nitrogen dioxide higher. An unhealthy air has in addition to economic consequences also have consequences for the health. The causes in Europe for hundreds of thousands of premature deaths, according to the EMA.

The research, which focuses on all the 28 European member states, collects and analyzes each year, data of air quality of national research institutes.

It is not the first time that the Netherlands is badly scored. Last year, our country on the fifth place of the European countries where the concentration of nitrogen dioxide is high. Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Slovakia scored when worse.


The main source of nitrogen dioxide is emissions from traffic. Exposure to this can include providing a reduced lung function.

Also causes an increase of respiratory complaints and asthma attacks and increased risk of infections. According to the EMA die 11.530 people every year prematurely from particulate matter and 1820 people, due to a high concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the air.


The European Parliament vote is expected Wednesday, with new rules on air quality that the number of early deaths in 2030 should be cut in half.

In the directive EU countries national targets to be met for reducing the emission of polluting substances. The emission of methane is under pressure from the agricultural sector are removed.


D66 Member of the european parliament Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy let us know to vote. He is “very unhappy’ about the watering down of the proposal.

“Given the urgency, this do a proposal to little. D66 can do no other than vote, and on Dutch and local level with even more motivation to bet on measures for clean air.”

From the monitoring record NSL, that earlier this month to the Second Chamber is sent, it turns out that the air in the Netherlands in 2015 or cleaner than it was in the years before.

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