‘Air pollution climate change costs in 2030 tens of thousands of lives’

‘Air pollution climate change costs in 2030 tens of thousands of lives’

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Getting worse air pollution, caused by climate change, ensures, by 2030, an estimated worldwide for the untimely death of sixty thousand extra people.

That number could rise to 260,000 in the year 2100, write researchers from the university of North Carolina in Nature Climate Change.

Currently die each year worldwide, around 5.5 million people early to the effects of air pollution.

The authors say that this is the most comprehensive study so far on this topic. They set the climate models from countries like the United States, France, Japan and New Zealand are next to each other for the research.

Is expected to makes getting worse air pollution, by climate change worldwide for more deaths, except in Africa. “Air pollution has an effect on things like heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer,” says researcher Jason West against CBS News.

Heat stress

Further, it is expected that climate change to more thermal stress (warming of the body, which warmteziekten’ arise) and allows for a wider spread of contagious diseases, and less access to clean water and food.

In a joint effort to combat climate change, according to the researchers can make a big difference.

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