Air force, US apologizes “after posting inappropriate tweets” Area 51-side

A unit of the U.s. air force has on Saturday are excused as a result of an ‘inappropriate’ tweet about Area 51 to one side of the link. In the tweet, which was the last thing that the people that are in the Area 51-death would come to see it, a bomber would have.

The tweet has since been deleted. In the post there was a picture of a B-2 strategic bomber, and the team that worked on the unit. Above the picture it said, “It is the last that the millennials will have to see if they are now trying to Area 51 by storm”.

The message is referring to an event last week, it would take place. On social media, reported that people are flocking to the secret Us air force base and Area 51 by storm. The base will be used for the testing of equipment and military training, but some people believe that the government has aliens hidden.

In a subsequent message on Twitter to let the units know that it is “inappropriate” message that is not supported by the united states department of Defense (dod).

The death on Friday came to an end with a damp squib. Around 2,300 people, more than 2 million entries, came to the school, and five people have been arrested. The three of them had actually tried it is forbidden to enter.

Last night was a DVIDSHUB employee posted a Tweet that in NO WAY supports the stance of the Department of Defense. It was inappropriate, and we apologize for this mistake.

AvatarAuteurDVIDSHubMoment of plaatsen16:31 am – september 21, 2019


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