Air Force Academy football player, NFL prospect, removed from graduation

Former Air Force Academy wide receiver Jalen Robinette, who just in time for the 2017 NFL draft, that he would not be given a waiver of the active duty to play professional sports, was suddenly removed from the Academy graduation ceremony Wednesday.

Air Force Academy officials said something to him not eligible to graduate, but did not give many details. Their statement read:

“Cadet Robinette was removed from the graduation line-up after the academy for leadership was aware of the information that is mentioned in the question Cadet Robinette eligibility/qualification graduate and the commission. Cadet Robinette graduation and commissioning is put on hold while we continue to evaluate. For the sake of privacy-related issues, we are not able to respond to the circumstances. We can say that the circumstances do not lead to allegations of criminal violations and are related to the Cadet Robinette’s professional football activities.”


Robinette was expected to be drafted in the NFL in the last month and was going to apply for a waiver that would allow him to defer active duty for two years. In a modification of the policy with the air force, said that the players drafted will be required to serve on active duty for two years after graduation — meaning Robinette NFL career would not begin until the year 2019 season, at the earliest.

Earlier this month, Defence Minister Jim Mattis signed an order that rescinded a Department of Defense policy that would allow football players from the Army, Navy, and air force Academies, with offers to play professional sports, to serve in the reserves, in contrast to active service, so that they could practice sporting career.

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