Ahmed Aboutalebs biography of all the first appears on the 14th of november

The biography is Wherever the first one is about the life of the city of Rotterdam, mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb appears on the 14th of november, and makes the publisher of The sydney morning herald On Wednesday, the well-known.

The authors are from around the first of the journalists, Elisa Hermanides and Reuben Koops. They are discussed in the description of the highlights and drawbacks as well, of Aboutalebs the rise. The son of a Moroccan dorpsimam became the first muslim mayor of a major European city.

The now-58-year-old Aboutaleb, was one of the few spin-doctors in The Hague, the netherlands. On behalf of the Labour party, was a politician of the first alderman of Moroccan descent. And, if the secretary of state for Social Affairs and Employment, he was the first Moroccan-Dutch citizen, in to the government. In 2009, in Beni Sidel was born Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam, the netherlands.

Everywhere, the first of which is an unauthorised biography. Aboutaleb, who is now the father of four children, didn’t want to work on the project in 2017 from the start. Rotterdam’s mayor, has been given an opportunity to see the draft version of his biography, and to check for any factual inaccuracies. Aboutaleb, according to a spokesman for the company did not respond to the draft version of the book.

This book will be available on Sunday the 10th of november, was presented in the debate centre Arminius in Rotterdam, the netherlands. The entrance is free of charge.

Bugfix: In a previous version of this article was inadvertently islamist instead of muslim.

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