“Agriculture officials USA may ‘climate change’ do not use’

“Agriculture officials USA may ‘climate change’ do not use’

Employees of the U.s. department of Agriculture have been instructed not to longer words such as ‘climate change’. Now they are talking about ‘weerextremen, appears from internal correspondence.

The e-mails in question were sent by managers and employees of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), a part of the ministry that focuses on nature conservation on land in private ownership, writes the British newspaper The Guardian on Tuesday.

The correspondence shows that the formation of the government of president Donald Trump a strong impact on the language of some officials about climate change.

In a letter with the date, February 16, gave NRCS-director of the health of the soil Bianca Moebius-Clune of its employees a list of words that should be avoided and their replacements.

In addition to ‘climate change’ are also related terms such as ‘adjustments to climate change’ and ‘reduce greenhouse gases’ is now out of the question. That should be replaced by, respectively, ‘resistance to weerextremen’ and ‘the increase of organic material in the soil and promoting the efficient consumption of nutrients,” wrote Moebius-Clune.

“We do not change the models that we use, but the way we talk about it,” says the director.


For the recipients shows that it is not always clear. “I would like to have the right words to know that I should use instead of climate change and everything to do with carbon”, wrote one of them. “I want to know that I have the correct terminology to use, that is approved by the agency.”

Not everybody does that from the heart. Another employee wrote on 5 July that “we prefer the language to keep it as it is” to the “scientific integrity of the work” to maintain.

President Trump has in the past, the scientific consensus about human climate change is repeatedly questioned. He called it part of a Chinese list of the economic supremacy of the USA to attack.


Trump has also announced that the US out of the climate deal Paris will steps and gave the federal environmental agency EPA, now under the leadership of ‘klimaatveranderingsontkenner’ Scott Pruitt’assignment policies for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases to be deleted. References to climate change were the websites of the White House and the department of the Interior removed.

“These documents reveal Trumps active censorship of science in the name of his political agenda,” says Meg Townsend, a lawyer at the nonprofit foundation Center for Biological Diversity.

“That the government officials will report on air, water and soil, that the health of our nation to preserve their records must tune in to the anti-wetenschapsretoriek of the government-Trump is terrible and dangerous for America and the global community.”


The by the president appointed scientific head of the American ministry of Agriculture, Sam Clovis, human climate change is dismissed as “broddelwetenschap”.

Last week it was revealed Clovis, who has no scientific background has, in the past a blog was that he progressives described as “rasverwisselaars and rasverraders” and Barack Obama is a “communist and a dictator,” mentioned.

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