Agent that black man doodschoot indicted for murder in USA

Agent that black man doodschoot indicted for murder in USA

Photo: AFP

The agent that recently an unarmed black man doodschoot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is indicted for manslaughter.

Betty Shelby, as the agent is called, shot the 40-year-old Terence Crutcher death when he was next to his broken down car.

According to Shelby would Crutcher not its commands have succeeded. They fired then her gun when the man tried to tackle it in his car. Crutcher was also hit with a stroomstootwapen by a different agent.

On video footage from a helicopter, and footage from a dashcam, however, to see that Crutcher ran away from the officer with his hands up. It is not to see whether or not the victim at a later time, hands down moves.

The family of Crutcher says that its claims of Shelby’t be beat. So would it not have been possible for Crutcher to address something in the car because the window of the vehicle was closed. The police have said no weapon to have found in the Crutcher or in his car.

Agent Tulsa charged

The car of Terence Crutcher, the man who last week by a police officer is shot and killed.

Images from a police helicopter show how multiple agents Crutcher approach.

The 40-year-old man is shot by a police officer because he, according to her, not her commands would be followed.

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“Despite the fact that she is indicted, it is assumed that Shelby is innocent until a judge or jury is condemned,” said the American Officer of Justice. If Shelby is found guilty she can be a term of imprisonment of at least four years.

According to the lawyer of Shelby was Crutcher under the influence of the drug PCP (also known as angel dust). The police made against the newspaper Tulsa World announced that the drug was found in the car.

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