Ageing and flu epidemic lead to more deaths in winter

Ageing and flu epidemic lead to more deaths in winter

During this winter, so far more people died than in the same period a year earlier. Especially under tachtigplussers was the mortality to be higher, reports the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) on Friday.

From the first week of October last year to the third week of February are 62.900 people died, 5300 more than in the same period a year earlier.

That the mortality is now higher, according to the CBS, in part by the ageing of the population. In addition, it will kill more people by the flu epidemic that is already more than fourteen weeks.

The number of deceased under tachtigplussers this winter with more than 14 percent. Among 65 – to tachtigjarigen is the number of deaths by almost 5 percent higher. Below that is the number of the dead remained virtually unchanged.

Extremely cold weather

The statistics agency predicts that by the increasing number of elderly people the number of dead each year will increase. “The first baby boomers, who, this year 71 years old, due to their age, with higher chances to come death,” according to the CBS.

It is expected that by 2025, annually more than 10,000 more residents die than is currently the case. The annual mortality will then be expected to amount to 160 000 by over 149,000 in 2016.

Also in other countries such as Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain this winter, the mortality rate among older people is remarkably high. This also has the long griepgolf. There is in addition to that some countries with extremely cold weather.

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