Again, the situation in big French cities and towns after a football triumph, Algeria

In France once again, rioting erupted after a winning football game from Algeria. The Algerian national football team won Friday’s Africa Cup by Senegal, with a 0-1 defeat. The problems seem to be less serious than that of last week, as the country’s car on fire or have been invested, and nearly three hundred people were arrested.

In the French capital, Paris, had the police used tear gas to bet when the confrontation, came up with a rellende crowd. According to the local politiewoordvoerder are definitely the 49 people arrested, it is expected that the total number is still rising.

Cheering supporters in the southern city of Lyon, is arrested after crossing a tree in a traffic circle, a fire had to be set. Also, there was a firework being thrown. As far as is known, the five people people are held.

In addition, certain of the parts of the city, like the areas of Paris city centre and cannot be reached by car, because the Algerians onto the streets too.

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The big showdown between the thugs and the cops, in the heart of lille

In the heart of lille, and had the French police looking out then who’s really in charge of them, under fire, took up with fireworks, stones and various other projectiles. There was a teruggevuurd with tear gas to the crowds to disperse. It is unclear how many people were stopped by the police.

It is home to many people with Algerian background in France. In Marseille, were on Friday evening, an estimated 25,000 of Algerians onto the streets.

The other victories of the Algerian national football team, has led already to the tension. The vast majority of people who go do it to celebrate the victory, but there were also some shops were being looted and cars set on fire.

Affrontements algériens / police à #Long. #SENALG

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