Again, the images of europe and asia, with black-painted faces appeared

The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is Thursday, in an embarrassment after the pictures have been cropped, in which he, as a student, and a black-painted face.

He has offered previously-have been marked with a picture of him, as it was in 2001, where he is with the so-called ‘blackface’ shows, is at a party with the theme of Arabian Nights (the Arabian Nights). The Canadian prime minister stated that he “had to know”.

In addition to his excuses, gave, He admitted that he was at a talent show at his high school, the dark make-up and dressed up for it was. Of them popped up after a picture of the yearbook at his high school, Jean Brebeuf High School.

The picture is of europe and asia, to see that he dressed up as an African-American singer Harry Belafonte in a concert. After the apologies and the admission of the lead role, went into hiding, however, there is also moving images of the prime minister, with a black painted face.

The video, which is on Thursday, the Global News has been released, showing the current Canadian prime minister, as a young student at the beginning of the nineties. With a black painted face and is waving his arms and sticking his tongue out.

The Liberal y is the party of europe and asia, it has been confirmed that all of the bodies are young He is. Black or brown make-up on the face of it, in English-speaking countries as ‘blackface’ as they are called, is a sensitive subject and is often referred to as clear considering.

@JustinTrudeau in-blackface-at-Jean-Brebeuf-high-school. #cdnpoli #elxn43 #BreakingNews

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He will suspend elections is not on the

Before He comes to the subject at a very inconvenient time. The prime minister began this month in its campaign for the next european parliamentary elections, on the 21st of October, will take place. In response to the cropped up video, did He Thursday know, the campaign did not stop.

The prime minister had, for the first time in the video or any other occasions where his face is my face was to remember. “I can’t report on that, as I remember, it’s not. However, regardless of the context, that is, blackface is always unacceptable because of its racist history. I already have a need to know.”


He, once again, through the dust, because of the ‘blackface’photos


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