Again, many migrants drowned off Yemen’

Again, many migrants drowned off Yemen’

Photo: Jaco Klamer/Stichting Vluchteling

Re may be more than fifty migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia drowned when she by people smugglers overboard were taken off the coast of Yemen.

That has the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced on Thursday. According to people smugglers are 180 migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia, thrown overboard off the coast of Yemen, and 55 of them probably drowned.

Also Wednesday, were fifty refugees from the same countries ,”drowning of native”. A facilitator put his 120 bootpassagiers off the coast of Yemen overboard, according to the IOM.

“There seems to be a new trend,” said a spokeswoman for the IOM Thursday. “Smugglers know that the situation is getting more and more difficult for them. Therefore, they leave their passengers behind for the coast.”

Horn of Africa

Many migrants from countries in the Horn of Africa try through Yemen to the Gulf states to reach. Despite the devastating civil war in Yemen, many Somalis and Ethiopians, the country is still doorvoerplek to richer areas.

This year, more than 55 thousand migrants this crossing made. According to the IOM, more than half of them under eighteen years of age and a third wife.

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