Again, major chaos at hong kong airport due to a demonstration

Its not from hong kong airport left flights will be on Tuesday not to run. The authorities have decided that, as at the airport for the fifth day in a row, will be demonstrated. The people in the parts of the building, barricades are placed.

The traffic was a Tuesday morning, slowly started, after the day before, and almost all flights were cancelled because of protests at the airport.

Some of the flights might even be countries. KLM to allow it to to know that the flight is on Tuesday afternoon from 17.00 hours from amsterdam Schiphol airport you just have to schedule off. “We are in close contact with the air traffic control in hong Kong. If only there was something in the situation changes, we will make further announcements,” said a spokesman.

A group of protesters had brought the night in the airport there. At the end of the day, it was becoming larger and larger. In the meantime, the people in the different places, the barriers are placed.

Passengers were called upon to not go to the airport to get

The authorities call on passengers to not go to the airport to meet. It is not clear if the outbound traffic is to be resumed. Only the flights for which the passenger has already checked-in, off.

The airport of hong Kong is one of the busiest airports in the world. Each year, about 75 million travelers use the airport.

Again, people at the airport in hong Kong

Protesters run since Friday’s action at the airport in hong Kong.
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On Monday, it decided to create a large part of the flight to be cancelled.
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As a part of the demonstrators remained overnight at the airport.
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Also, Tuesday, passengers to deal with delays and cancellations.
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The unrest in hong Kong, it takes all of about two months.
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The UN commissioner’s call for an independent investigation

Mensenrechtencommissaris, Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations urges the hong kong authorities on the restraint and to investigate the police brutality of the past couple of days.

In a press statement points to Bachelet in the images, which you can see is that the cops used tear gas for use in busy, confined spaces, and the gas is directly fired on the protesters. “This will result in a substantial risk of death or serious injury, to warn them.

The demonstrators ‘ demands for weeks, an independence of inquiry into the actions of the police during the ongoing protests. They claim that agents have a lot of unnecessary violence against them.

China is increasingly critical of, and threatening to

China was initially reluctant to have been made with regards to hong Kong, but lately, more and more critical and put it out. “Those who play with fire will be in flames”, warned the Chinese authorities last week.

Over the past year, several videos will be released, in which Chinese security forces to practice with the people who dress up as hong kong protesters. Tuesday will be the images of military vehicles, located in Shenzhen, a Chinese city which is about 25 miles to the north of hong Kong is located.

The Chinese military is not just to intervene in hong Kong. The soldiers, to the conflict of mixing, if the regional authority agrees to provide.


Why hong Kong is so often demonstrates

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