AG Barr does not break with Trump says that he think that Obama-era officials committed treason

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Former House Oversight Committee chair Trey Gowdy reacts to James Comey ‘ s op-ed, and the need to investigate the investigators.

Attorney General William Barr era officials committed treason has broken with President Trump on the question of whether or not Obama.

Barr, in a sit-down interview with CBS News, was asked whether he agreed with the comments trump, suggesting some people with connections to the former President’s administration had done.

“You don’t think that you have committed treason?” Barr was asked to be the reporter, Jan Crawford.

“Not as a legal question,” he replied. “Sometimes people are able to convince yourself that what you do is in the higher interest rates and better benefits.


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“You don’t realize what you are doing, is really, in contrast to the democratic system that we have,” he said.

Trump has previously, the Obama-era FBI accused of “BETRAYAL” on Twitter and called for a “long prison sentences” on those who he believes carried out the act.

“My campaign for President finally spied. Nothing like this ever happened in American politics. A really bad situation. BETRAYAL means long prison sentences, and that was high treason!” he tweeted earlier this month.

In March, he also said that during a White House event: “there are people out there that have done some very, very nasty things, very nasty things-I would say traitorous things against our country.”

In the same interview, Barr was asked about dealing with his first four-page summary of the Müller ‘ s report, which he shared at the end of March. Barr and the former Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein, said they determined that the evidence found in Müller’s sample was not sufficient to charge the President with obstruction of justice, punishable by law.

“We do not agree with the legal analysis that many of the legal analysis, said in the report,” Barr. “It is not necessarily the views of the Department. It is the view of a particular lawyer or lawyers, so we what we saw, was the law.”


Speaking of Müller’s findings on disability, Barr said: “The bottom line was that Bob Mueller were some of the episodes. He didn’t want to to a result. He provided both sides of the issue. And his conclusion was, he was, to the relief of the President, but was not to find a crime.”

Barr’s comments come after Miller made a rare public appearance this week—his first and only in his tenure as special counsel. Müller announced that the investigation was officially completed and that he will live to withdraw from the Ministry of justice back to the private.

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