After watching the hearing, a woman Washington state legislator accuses of rape in the year 2007

Washington state sen. Joe Fain, R-Auburn, as seen in the Senate in Olympia, Wash., was the rape of a woman accused of 11 years ago. The legislator told a local newspaper that he denies the allegations.

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Seattle woman who said she was inspired by the televised hearing in the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, accused, a Washington state senator raped her 11 years ago.

Candace Faber, 35, tweeted the allegations against Washington state sen. Joe Fain, a Republican, on Thursday to listen to the hours, where Kavanaugh and his Prosecutor Christine Blasey Ford says both, the Seattle Times reported.

A few minutes after the Senate judiciary Committee hearing came to an end, Faber tweeted “Is anybody else just fed and ready for the names? Because I am!”

So good, we’ll do it. @senatorfain, you raped me, the night I graduated from Georgetown in 2007. Then the audacity to ask me to support their campaign. I’m afraid of running into you since moving home and you see your name anywhere.

I am ready to be silent.

— Candace Faber (@Candace Faber) September 27, 2018

They then called on the social media site and accused him of raping her in 2007 after she graduated from Georgetown University.

“Like many survivors, I was inspired by Dr. Ford’s courage,” Faber said in a statement Thursday. “Dr. Ford, I can’t hold out any longer, knowing that the man who raped me in the position to influence the laws of my state and the impact of each woman who lives here.”

Fain’t immedialy respond to a Fox News request for comment on Saturday. The moderate Republicans, who serves as the minority floor leader of the Washington state Senate, denied the allegations to the times in a text message.

Woman says Washington state Sen. Joe Fain raped in 2007

— #Q13FOX (@Q13FOX) on September 29, 2018

“I absolutely deny what Ms. Faber is accused of me,” Fain said. “Any allegation of this serious nature deserves to be heard and studied for all involved. I load and works with every request. I ask all to respect to Mrs. Faber, and the process.”

“I absolutely deny what Ms. Faber is accused of me. Any allegation of this serious nature deserves to be heard and studied for all involved. I load and works with every request. I ask all to respect to Mrs. Faber, and the process.”

– Washington state sen. Joe Fain

Fain, 37, was elected to the Senate in 2010, and is up for re-election in November against Democratic opponent Mona The.

Legislators from both parties, including Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, said Faber should be examined allegations, the Times reported.

“The Governor believes that this is a very serious accusation, undoubtedly, a full investigation by law enforcement officials deserve,” said Tara Lee, an Inslee spokeswoman, in an E-Mail.

The paper reported that Faber had told their story of the night, and over the years, Fain as their attacker.

In its statement, Faber said that she did not make, the man’s name public sooner because they thought they “could change the culture of sexual assault, without saying his name,” but no longer believes that to be the case.

I just published “the answer to All of Today’s media queries”

— Candace Faber (@Candace Faber) September 28, 2018

The Statute of limitations for most sex crimes in Washington, DC, is 15 years.

In June, Faber published an online essay, where she wrote that she had met a man “at the Capitol” and spent the night drinking, and kissing, and that they both “drank too much.” After returning to his hotel room, he has her pinned on the bed and pulled her dress up.

After the man had raped her, she asked goodnight to him for a kiss before he left the room, she wrote.

Faber is not denied that the kiss was the request of “how girls act when you were raped.” You wrote that you wondered later, a friend called, whether or not you should go to a hospital.

She said, you know, a rape does not display because “I think everyone would believe me” or “about”.

Faber said KOWU-TV, she left her information technology job with the city of Seattle in the year 2017 because of a mental health breakdown. She said she was diagnosed with a psychosis, triggered by the increase of the violations, including rape.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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