After the UN vote, Kerry Israel’s West Bank push at the start of “terrorism”


Secretary of state John Kerry defended the Obama administration made the decision to actually allow you to build the United Nations to condemn Israel for trying to further settlements in the disputed West Bank, said the “unprecedented” effort to rise to terrorism and violence, endangers long-lasting peace in the region.

The United States refrained on Friday, a U. N. security Council vote for the adoption of a resolution condemning Israel’s settlement expansion, which allows for the measure’s passage and results in the rejection of the incoming Republican President, Donald Trump.

“Things will be different after Jan. 20″ Trump tweeted minutes after the vote.

Kerry said Israel’s continued and strengthened, to build settlements, or communities, in the region of East Jerusalem, the risks of the so-called “two-state solution” between the Israelis and the Palestinians, who also claim the region.

“The United States has traded with a primary goal: the preservation of the possibility of the two-state solution, which every US administration for decades, the only way to a just and lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Kerry said Friday. “Two States is the only way that Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, living in peace and security with its neighbours, freedom and dignity for the Palestinian people.”

He also said that the administration does not agree with “every aspect” of the resolution, but that it “condemned the violence” and calls on both sides, constructive steps to reverse the current trends in advance, and the prospects for a two-state solution.

The resolution was proposed by the four Nations-a day after Egypt pulled on Thursday under pressure from Israel and Trump.

The U.S. Veto of the measure as an affront to the country’s most important middle East ally attributed to the outgoing Democratic President Obama, the cool relations with Israel during his entire eight years in office.

Reaction of US-Republicans and Jewish leaders around the world was swift and sharp.

“It was expected that Israel would act greatest ally, in accordance with the values that we share, and that they would have a Veto against this shameful resolution,” said Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon. “I have no doubt that the new US administration and the incoming UN Secretary-General heralds a new era in terms of the UN relationship with Israel.”

Speaker Of The House Of Representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., blasted the administration for appearing to undermine America’s historic middle East ally.

“This is absolutely shameful,” he said. “Today’s vote is a slap in the face for peace, sets a dangerous precedent for further diplomatic efforts to isolate and demonize Israel.”

Former GOP presidential candidate and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, the administration called the move “a big mistake.”

Anne Bayefsky, the voices of the Director of the Touro Institute for human rights and the Holocaust and President of human rights, said the statement, the settlements, and not Palestinian terrorism that is the obstacle to peace is wrong.

“This UN resolution puts the Big lie of contemporary anti-Semitism,” Bayefsky said. The “Palestinians” behind the men on the Council, new Zealand and Malaysia, today, clear libel, the claim of the Jews, the peaceful, productive living on Arab-claimed land is the “biggest threat to the peace” and the “primary risk for a two-state solution.”

“Seven decades of the violent Palestinian rejection of the Jewish state to prove the opposite.”

The measure was adopted with 14 Yes-to a round of applause, after the US Ambassador Samantha Power, abstained from the vote. It is the first resolution of the security Council adopted, on Israel and the Palestinians in nearly eight years.

Powers said the United States has with its veto power in 2007 on a similar question, however, that “circumstances have (since) changed dramatically.”

“You can not simultaneously be a champion of Israeli settlements and champion a viable two-state solution,” she said. “You have to make a choice.”

The Obama White house, under heavy pressure from the Israeli government and its supporters, to veto the resolution, kept all of the rates, to the vote, whether it will shield Israel from resolutions of the Council would stop and allow the offense to deter.

After the vote, White house officials confirmed at a conference that Obama made the decision after several rounds of discussions with top government officials.

The Deputy National security adviser Ben Rhodes said later that the United States only has one President at a time.

Israel believes it has the right to extend the expansion of settlements in the disputed territories as the populations in them. The Palestinians do not believe that the settlements should be, and the world condemns, the expansion is considered to be a possible first in this direction.

The resolution calls on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem.” And he repeated the long-standing U. N. position that all the settlements on land Israel captured in 1967, illegal under international law.

A high Israeli official accused the United States of a “shameful move” after learning that he had no intention to contradict the text, the BBC reported.

As one of the Council’s five permanent members of the Council, the US veto has power and uses it to protected Israel from condemnatory resolutions. But the Obama administration has long made clear its opposition to Israeli settlement-building in occupied territory, even if it gives Israel tens of billions a year in support.

“This last-minute political maneuvering is shameful,” said Ric Grenell, the former spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the U. N. and Fox News contributor. “The today’s abstention of the Obama administration will make it harder to find a peaceful solution, because it is imposed on the outside of the positions on Israel without direct negotiations.”

Fox News Eric and Jonathan Linton Wachtel contributed to this report.

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