After the controversy on Flying Lotus’ debut film: five gore predecessors

Flying Lotus makes his first feature film, Kuso immediately for inverting stomachs and emptying halls. The film was even voted the goorste ever. Can it even dirtier?

From ‘Kuso’ Steven ‘Flying Lotus’ Ellison. © GF

Steven Ellison, best known under his musical pseudonym Flying Lotus, made with Kuso a langspeelfilmdebuut the viewer to the limit of floating. The film, a mix between live action, puppetry and animation, created at the Sundance Film Festival for the necessary controversy. A hairy anus, of a fountain of diarrhea and an overdose of just about all other body fluids: many viewers were not full and left early the hall. The American technologiemagazine The Verge knew Kuso therefore prompt the title of “grossest movie ever made”.

Competitors, however, no lack. We put some gore predecessors in a row – not for sensitive viewers!

PINK FLAMINGOS (John Waters, 1972)

When drag queen Divine by a newspaper to being named ‘worst person ever’, her rivals everything to its title to take it away. The couple Marbles on the black market babies to sell to lesbian couples, is full of jealousy. The battle for the title goes even further and ends in – what else – cannibalism. Nauseating highlight of the movie: Divine that sin to fresh dog poop. This self-proclaimed ‘exercise in bad taste’ was an instant cult classic and is considered one of the most important queerfilms ever.

SHIVERS (David Cronenberg, 1975)

We know Cronenberg as a director of A History of Violence and Maps to the Stars, but his major breakthrough was the bizarre Shivers. The working title, Orgy of the Blood Parasites, sums up the film best together. The plot: a parasite that is spread through sexual intercourse in the human body a nest and then driving. The story was not marketable to producers, what Cronenberg and co. the idea brought a different scenario to provide in order to obtain subsidies. The Canadian government suggested the trembling that she is not a film about the history of the Canadian society, but an absurd horror film was financed. When the movie a hit was found, they decided to use it there anyway.

NEKROMANTIK (Jörg Buttgereit, 1987)

Despite the cult status is this, “the first erotic film for necrofielen’ in different countries are still prohibited. The main character Rob Schmadtke works for Joe’s Cleaning Agency, a company that seem to clean up. The ideal work environment for a necrofiel, we hear you thinking. And indeed, Rob is the kind of man that his work would like to take home. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, it turns out his wife, his passion, even to share. Let us say that we have never seen such a cold-blooded trio’s saw.


A retired German surgeon with a sense for experiment: the result is a bizarre film. Doctor Heiter spent his career separating Siamese twins, but in his spare time test he’s like the reverse. What if he did different people linking to one large organism, a kind of human centipede? He decides some of the American tourists to drug and them using the mouth-to-anustechniek to each other to attach. The Dutch director, Tom Six claimed that his film is 100% medically correct, but that is doubted by several experts that in the case analysed. Ask us not why.

RAW (Julia Ducournau, 2016)

The directorial debut of French Julia Ducournau tells the story of a vegetarian student who through a ontgroeningsritueel on the university fulfil her appetite for meat – and even then, most of all, the human variant was discovered. The film was positively received by critics and clinched several prizes at international film festivals. Unfortunately, not everyone in the audience, the movie full action. During a screening at the film festival in Toronto attacked several people fainted and was there even an ambulance be called. From vegetarian to cannibal, it is also quite a bit for a mensenmaag.

Jozefien Wouters

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