Afscheidsbetoog emotional, Van Bommel is a hard inside player selection

Mark van Bommel has on Monday in an emotional way to say goodbye to the player base of the pitch. The coach was dismissed because of sustained poor performance.

Shortly after Van Bommel at 8.45 am on the board of directors was told that he had to leave, it came to the selection from the training complex on the outskirts of Eindhoven to the stadion in the center of the city.

In the dressing room, and liked Van Bommel is still a discussion of the game on Sunday, against Liverpool (3-1 defeat), which is the day after his last game as coach of PSV eindhoven, it would seem.

After that, said Van Bommel is the player base once again and wish them the best of luck under his interim successor, Thomas Faber, that the season is going to finish it.

“It was very emotional,” she glanced midfielder Ibrahim Afellay is back on the talk of Van Bommel. “These are, of course, not a fun time. It was going to be the players.”

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‘Van Bommel spoke of his heart

Also, when defender Nick Viergever was the afscheidsspeech van Bommel is hard to be inside. “It was a call from the heart. Everyone in the locker room was, that would be the night.”

Afellay, and Viergever, which, together with the want to know, the Dumfries, the aanvoerderstrio of the pitch to form, did not elaborate on the contents of the Van Bommel’s last words in the selection.

“What goes on in the dressing room, and said, it’s still in the room,” said Viergever. “He’s just had his feelings been expressed. If he does want to go out, then he will have to do it yourself.”

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Viergever, and Afellay to emphasize that the band was very good

Two of the most experienced players in the PSV selection, it was emphasised that the relationship between the coach and the player base was good, and the bad results of PSV have won only two out of the twelve matches which is the only reason for the dismissal was.

“This has been a huge disappointment for all of us. A dark day for anyone who is a PSV player, a warm heart and cares for it,” said Afellay is about the forced removal of the clubicoon. “I have confidence in that it would be all right. Everyone is hard at work.”

Viergever raised a hand, especially in his own bosom. “We see it as a failure of the player base, and we have the coach to let them fall. The results were extremely poor, that is not possible if your player will play. Finally, the coach is the scapegoat.”

After a serious knee injury and is angled drive, which has been completely fit. He came out this season is not the one subbing. May be he can be on Wednesday and again speelminuten to make it as PSV against amateurs GVVV in the first match under interim coach and Faber plays.

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