‘African-AMERICAN voters are the main target of Russia in 2016, this misinformation campaign, Senate report concludes

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It’s a Russian social media campaign against the United States, no group more than African-Americans, a new federal report has concluded.

The report by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into the 2016 election comes as the social media companies will attempt in order to prevent any further misinformation and a distortion of the American concept of democracy.

Moscow’s effort — led by the Internet Research Agency (IRA) – were sophisticated and multi-faceted, and focused on the black community, and the sowing of divisions across a number of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google-owned YouTube, and Instagram. The shadow on the efforts aimed at supporting Home-campaign to denigrate the opponent to Hillary Clinton, and the voice of the child and, several public figures.

According to the report, more than 66% of Facebook ads are placed by the IRA is included as a term in connection with the race.

Russia-the campaign in the 2016 election, had far-reaching, according to a new report. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Posts with titles such as “Our Voices,” And “Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton,” and “A Vote for Jill Stein is Not a wasted Vote” specifically aimed at black voters, ” says the report.

Oxford’s Computational research, which is cited in the Senate report, which captured a number of images in e-mail messages from that period of time.

Some of the messages are purposely didn’t include some racist comments to make, in order to prevent it from being flagged by content moderators, while others will mimic the existing social justice movements in the Americas in order to sow seeds of discord among the various ethnic and racial groups.

Facebook claims to have doubled the number of people that are working on safety and security, as well as a meeting with federal government officials recently on the election of safety and security.


“We have stepped up our efforts to build a strong defense on several fronts. We have also invested heavily in technology and people to block and delete the fake accounts, it will find and remove it from the co-ordinated manipulation of the campaigns, and in bringing unparalleled transparency to political advertising.” Facebook said in a statement to BBC News.

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