Afghan president Ghani to re-ingezworen, and his arch-rival, also

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani was on Monday ingezworen for a second regeringstermijn in the capital city of Kabul. His rival had to swear. The months-long political crisis surrounding the disputed election results, is growing.

Parallel ceremonies were held in the two palaces there, which are only separated by a thin wall. The celebrations were briefly interrupted by the sound of the supposed missile fire in the area.

The one of Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah, did it two times before an attempt to be president-to-be. And both times it had been left in doubt, however, he will eventually be a compromise, with Ghani. For the last time in 2014, it was the intervention of the United States may be required to take the conflict to an end.

Abdullah’s gold, this time as a compromiskandidaat. He will be supported by a collection of warlords and former soldiers, who are under the rule of a Ghani a lot of impact is lost. They are especially on the back, Abdullah joined them because they could not agree on one another, and to insist that he was in the battle this time is not specified.

Supporters of Abdullah and laying siege to for weeks, of six offices of Afghanistan’s electoral council. The security forces are warning that the atmosphere is becoming increasingly tense, and violence is imminent.

US out of the political wrangling will continue

The American government has let it be known at this time, that they will not act as a mediator. In the U.S., which closed on February 29, a final peace agreement with the Taliban, with a view to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan within ten months. The government of Ghani, was outside of the scope of such negotiations will be held.

At the end of last month, committed in the USA, he has been us president’s inauguration to be postponed because of the Taliban, and that it would be able to see it as a provocation, and that the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in danger, it would come out.

In the united states and the Taliban signed on the 29th of February, a deal that will put an end to the more than eighteen-year-long war in Afghanistan. (Photo: Reuters)

Unclear as to whether the government, with the Taliban able to talk to

There are also tensions between Ghani and the united states on a commitment made in the agreement: the release of thousands of Taliban members by the Afghan government, will be held.

Separate peace talks between the government and the Taliban would soon begin, but it is not clear if this is possible, as long as Ghani and Abdullah to duel for the top position.

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