Affected companies are still vulnerable after Petya-cyber attack’

Affected companies are still vulnerable after Petya-cyber attack’

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Companies that are affected by the recent cyber attack with Petya-malware, are not yet out of trouble.

A leak in the Ukrainian accounting software MeDoc, that was abused to the Petya-virus to spread, it is still not a poem.

That the maker of the software said Wednesday. According to Intellect Service, the company behind MeDoc, is the software on 1 million computers in Ukraine. It is unclear how many pc’s outside that country MeDoc.

According to security researchers was the process of updating MeDoc abused to a ‘back door’ into computers to create. That back door seems to be all three months for the Petya-attack has been active; in that time, cyber criminals have, may already have passwords and other sensitive information captured.

Offline keep

Intellect Service states that only computers that at the time of the cyber attack offline, to avoid placement of the back door. The Ukrainian police advises to all computers with the MeDoc offline.

“Any computer on the same local network as our product is a threat”, said managing director Olesya Bilousova of Intellect Service Wednesday. “We need to get the most attention on these computers that are not affected (by the attacks). The virus is on it and is waiting for a signal.”

The Petya-attack hit companies especially in Ukraine, but hit elsewhere. The virus did as ransomware, but had, according to experts, especially the destruction of information as a goal.

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