AfD wins wethoudersposten in state elections in Berlin

AfD wins wethoudersposten in state elections in Berlin

Photo: AFP

The right-populist Alternative für Deutschland has in the state elections in Berlin certainly seven wethoudersplaatsen obtained. With 14.2 percent does the AfD its entry into the state parliament.

The social democratic SPD and the conservative CDU have the most votes earned, but their majority in the German capital lost. Both parties lost more than 5 percent of their supporters, and found, respectively, to 21.6 and 17.6 percent.

That Linke made the only larger party profit, and went with 15.6 percent of the Greens (15,2) tight over. The nationalist anti-immigratiepartij AfD is the fifth party in the state parliament, with 14.2 percent, in which the liberal FDP after five years, with a 6.7 percent return, and from which the pirate party with less than 5 percent disappears.

The rise of the AfD allows for shifts in the different city districts in Berlin. In seven districts the party already guaranteed a wethoudersplaats stipulated. In the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf was the AfD even the second largest party.

The anti-immigratiepartij get 25 seats in the parliament of Berlin and provides 64 districtsafgevaardigden.

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