Advice use malaria modified for Asia and Latin America

Advice use malaria modified for Asia and Latin America

Travelers to certain countries in Asia and Latin America, no longer need preventative malaria tablets to swallow in high-risk areas. Only when they have a fever or flu feel, can they possibly tablets to take.

That is the outcome of a new malaria protocol that the National Coordination centre Reizigersadvisering (LCR) as of april 1, adopts, confirms a spokesperson

The protocol is aimed at medium risk and is explicitly not for Africa. By country or region in Asia or Latin America advice may be different. “We therefore recommend to always go along to a vaccinatiebureau.”

The reason for the new policy is the reduction of the number of malaria cases worldwide. “Research by the WHO shows that the number of malaria cases worldwide between 2000 and 2015 has decreased by 37 per cent,” says the spokesman. “The risks are getting smaller and smaller, especially in moderate risk areas.”

Recipe for emergency treatment

Travelers who go on vacation to Asia and Latin America can reizigersvaccinatiebureaus that the LCR are connected, like the GGDS, a recipe for an emergency treatment with malaria tablets.

If they have fever or flu feel, they can according to the LCR, the best first go to a hospital for a diagnosis, self-started with the swallowing of the tablets. “However, if you do not within 24 hours a doctor can be, you need to do.”

In a number of German-speaking countries, for the Netherlands new protocol for ten years is used. “The overall conclusion is that it does not lead to an increase of malaria among travelers.”

The travelers to the moderate risk areas, can choose between two kind of malaria that can be treated: atovaquon/proguanil (also known under the brand name Malarone) artemether/lumefantrine.

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