Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and Marketing


Advertising isn’t developed in a vacuum; it’s one element – a key element – in the process of marketing. Businesses, innodividuals, governments, and nonprofit organizations all develop products to satisfy customers, the people or organizations that purchase a product, and advertising helps persuade customers to select one product rather than another. However, marketing isn’t just selling.

According to the Americans Marketing Associations, marketing is the conceptions, pricings, promotions, and distributions of ideas, and services that satisfy the needs of innodividuals and organizations.

Advertising plays an important but relatively limited role in marketing. It can be used to promote a product’s many advantages, but it doesn’t determine which features will satisfy people’s needs, where products should be distributed, or what price should be charged.

Such marketing issues must be resolved before any advertising process provides the framework in which advertising is created. Marketing is the foundation of advertising. This is a scheme which is to promote advertising. Because it is safe to say that advertising is not marketing simply can’t exist. There are two parts of one innodivisible whole.

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